Local entrepreneur’s dream to make darts a more widespread sport is coming true as her brand gains more market share. JENNIFER TSUI speaks on this under-marketed sport and its potential.

Jennifer Tsui, founded the Darts Factory (TDF) in 2015, when she realized that the sport of darts and gaming technology had advanced to a point where they could bring fun, fitness and a healthy experience into the home. 

The company produces high quality darts, promote this innovative edutainment technology to more young people, and family members as well as connect global dart players through our products, says Tsui.

“Darts is a historical sport since the 19th Century in Britain. It cultivates humility, etiquette and team spirit. Nowadays, most commercial or education associations have taken up darts as an interest or as a part of team training,” says Tsui.

She note that darts, in addition to training for team spirit, is also able to train the body both physically and mentally. Darts also require less space and equipment than most other sports, which makes darts easier to promote to every family. 

Growth Prospects

Today the Darts market is flourishing from being a bar and pub game into the a great indoor, house sport. Being a great sport for networking, you can find darts in all kinds of places of social interaction like clubs, lounges etc, Tsui says.  

“There are many benefits to this sport. Through science and technology, you can now link up the global darts community and play for leisure or competition.

Our vision is to become the world’s leading brand in the sports of darts and gaming technology. We also aim to build more awareness toward the sport from a social, fitness and competitive standpoint,” says Tsui.

The Dart’s Factory Mission is to support, expand, and connect the darts playing community globally.

Characteristics Include:

  • Innovative & creative concept
  • High-end and professional quality
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Trendy & unique look
  • Online battling mode in app         

Concept is Born  

In 2014, Tsui, managed a well known screw factory and lead the market. She soon discovered she wanted to create a brand name instead of being just a vendor. So using her knowledge and skill of management she created The Darts Factory which is a well known brand in Hong Kong today.

“In 2015, The first ‘weight adjustable’ darts, Muu 5 were launched in the market. It used the app to connect with the dartboard for scoring and online playing,” announces Tsui. These were launched at CES in America. 

In 2016 the company sponsored many darts competition in Hong Kong. 

“Our dartboard has entered into Boardway Lifestyle for large exposure and sales. We also attended ACGHK and have undertaken many roadshows to promote the sport.”

In 2017, the company got its Gudetama and Transformers license to manufacture darts-related products. 

“We also join ACGHK, International Darts Festival, sport expo and Computer Fair this year and in 2018 we got our Star Wars license to manufacture darts related products. We have also organized darts’ lessons and competitions at the Sport Expo with SportSoho.”

She adds: “Customers always choose darts depends on brand-name and the quality. We have sponsored some local dart player and help them to manufacture their own signature dart set. We promise our dart’s weight and Center of gravity is precise and that’s what our brand is famous for.”

“We are not only target customers who professionally play darts, but also customers who haven’t played darts before. Since more than 90% people have never played darts before, we see this as a large market.

“We have organized many offline events for them such as roadshows, competitions and lessons to draw them closer to darts. We also manufacture some special darts product with characters such as Star Wars, Gudetama, Transformers,” Tsui explains.

“We will still put more effort on darts’ education as this is the first step to expend the market. We will provide more lesson for darts beginner and organize more competitions for them. On the other hand, we will keep sponsoring local dart players and support local darts business.” 

“We also intend to launch many and many darts related product in the market, very soon.”

For additional information, please visit www.thedartsfactory.com

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