Facing fierce competition, rising costs of land and labour, a talent crunch and increased pressure from a discerning customer base, BWC Ltd is forging ahead with courage and determination to excel.

Brilliance World Company Ltd (BWL) was established in 2005. In the past 13 years, BWL focused on high-end fitting out projects as well as alteration and addition works. BWL remained in its own office premises since founding but in 2018, BWL moved into its current property for further expansion and is ready for a new page of the company development, says Jacky Wong, its dynamic director. 

“Big names, popularity, referral, word of mouth, price, quality and time are all key factors with customers when choosing service providers in our industry,” says Wong.

“However, the transparency in our industry is low and most rely either on advertisement or word of mouth. Marketing activities and relationship building are becoming the major paths toward business expansion.”

He notes that human resources is another competing factor. “Skillful workers and experienced supervisors are few and far between in the market. Luckily, BWL has built its own team and factory over the past 13 years, which can secure the quality of its output.”

Wong says that reliability and professional are the core value of BWL. Good quality within budget and on-time delivery has made BWL stand apart from its competitors.

“Big names, popularity, referral, word of mouth, price, quality and time are all key factors with customers when choosing service providers in our industry”. – Jacky Wong

Growth Prospects are Bright!

“BWL had teamed up with famous mainland contracting company in Mainland China –Sino Great Wall Groups of companies for all China contracting works, which allows BWL to handle works in China and increased our sourcing abilities to reach more potential clients as well as vendors, suppliers and manufacturers.”

“BWL is poised to work with more developers and private investors soon. A new marketing team will be set up to increase the market exposure of our company. Public media and event participation will be our focus in marketing strategy,” Wong reveals. 

This year, BWL branched out its design and build wine cellar specialist business as a subsidiary company and created Bordeaux Wine Cellar for better focus on its wine cellar’s work. Our major challenge is to cope with the new reality – a talent crunch, higher costs of land and labour and the competitive state of the industry. We will overcome these hurdles and build the future with creativity, innovation and a belief in infinite possibilities,” Wong concludes.

For additional information, please visit www.BWL.com.hk

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