From fleet management technology to tracking DIGIMOBI TECHNOLOGY LTD offers state-of-the-art digital solutions that are adding value to the public and transport industry, like never before.

Terence Ma, General Manager: “Our customers are already seeing huge savings and user-friendliness and these ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals are already showing results.”

Competitive players in the transport industry are looking for creative, reliable solutions that optimize driving quality, vehicular life, reward smart drivers and keep both driver and vehicle safe. DigiMobi arrives in time to fill the niche. : We are happy Smart City and IoT solutions have been gaining a lot of attention and momentum recently. This is the technology-driven future of commerce and we are glad to have spotted this trend much before many others did, says Terrance Ma, General Manager of DigiMobi Technology Ltd.   

Gaining Momentum

“For Connected Vehicle Solutions, we see that both small companies and big enterprises have well adapted to these kind of solutions,” says Ma adding that such solutions have become must-have solutions for Commercial Vehicles already.  

“And the application on private cars has been gaining momentum abroad because of the participation of Insurance Companies who offer discounts based on mileage or good driving behavior.” 

He explains: “In our industry, as our solutions is an important of their daily operation, most customers would pick up their service providers based on the following factors: 

  • Reliability of On-board Unit installed into a vehicle
  • Usability of Web Interface for users
  • Quality of Customer Services.”

Flexible is Key

“We are offering a ‘Subscription Model’ for our services so that customers do not need to make big upfront investment on computer servers or expensive on-board equipment and of course we cater to the needs of both big and small-sized customers.”

For big customers who have a fleet size of a few hundred vehicles, we can custom-make our solutions to suit their needs. For a small company, say, who owns one vehicle, they are also welcome to join out service on subscription basis.

“Our solutions do not restricted only to vehicles.  As shown in our presentation, we have extended our solution to “Equipment Height Monitoring Solution” used in the HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Construction.  Our passion for creative solutions has helped us capture so many customers.  The services that we are providing and the technologies that we are using are so universal that it can extend to Greater China or even the global market.” 

Mr. Terence Ma, General Manager of DigiMobi Technology Limited speaks on “Success Cases of ‘Smart City & IoT Connected Vehicle Solutions'” at Mediazone’s Smart City Forum on June 1, 2018.

Cost-Saving, Adding Value

While using GPS Tracking technologies to achieve “location tracking” has been become a must-have service for most commercial vehicles, there are still a lot of new opportunities in this industry for the following applications: 

  • Big data analysis for driving behavior 
  • Eco-driving: 
  • Proactive vehicle maintenance 
  • Discounted insurance for good driving behaviour  

According to Ma, the competitive state of the transport industry, rising costs, challenging global business economics are all drivers of this unique technology that is rapidly winning market share. 

“Our challenge is to educate a growing market to show the benefits, costs-savings, value of our service. Our customers are already seeing huge savings and user-friendliness and these ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals are already showing results. We expect a slow, but steady growth in market share as we venture to share this evolutionary technology with customers at home and aboard.”

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