Increasingly, discerning markets have paved the path for the expansion of one of Hong Kong’s more respected companies – MG GROUP.

Dr. Ken Wong Kin Lung, Founder of MG Group.

Dr. Ken Wong Kin Lung and his partners established MG Group in 2002. Together with a diligent Board, he has led the Group’s continuous growth year after year, successfully developing its core business, and diversifying into other industries, including finance, consultancy, real estate development and operations, project management, property investment and leasing, tourism, immigration consultancy, environmental protection, food and beverages, and entertainment.

In Sync, In Step!

MG Group’s core business is financial services. According to Dr Wong, the financial services industry has always been very competitive and volatile.

“Competition has become fiercer than ever before,” he said. “Client expectations today are high and demanding, as they have become used to financial service providers’ adopting cutting-edge technologies and offering innovative financial products.”

“MG Group believes customers and service providers should be synchronized,” he said. “We have a very good understanding of our products and the related regulations in each country or region, thus ensuring that MG Group provides the best possible ‘one-stop’ integrated financial services to our clients, who have come to trust our products highly.”

“We are extremely familiar with our products and related regulations in the relevant territories, to make sure MG Group provides the best ‘one-stop’ integrated financial service platform for our clients to maximize efficiency and to optimize their investment yields.” – Dr. Ken Wong Kin Lung, Founder

FinTech Flavour!

Fintech is one of the key focus of MG Group today. “We believe in cutting-edge technology, and we are confident that our fintech expertise will provide the required support and service to boost returns for our clients,” said Dr Wong. “Our aim is to provide a ‘one-stop’ integrated financial service platform for our clients to maximize efficiency and to optimize their investment yields.”

MG Group started investing in the South Pacific Region a few years ago – particularly in Vanuatu, where the group has had a presence since 2014. The Group appointed Dr Wong as Chairman of the Vanuatu Project. He and CEO Patrick Li are responsible for leading the Vanuatu businesses, developing tourism and trade in the country. With hotel construction and other developments underway, the current plan covers the next 10 years and beyond.

“MG Group would like to extend an invitation to all its customers and partners to join us in Vanuatu, where costs are low and the potential for growth is enormous,” concluded Dr Wong.

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