Vision, commitment, and a pioneering spirit of enterprise has made SHURE an undisputed market leader in sound technology. How does an audio expert stay ahead in an ever changing industry?

Andy Wan, Director, Regional Sales, Integrated Systems & Enterprise.

With over 90 years of experience, Shure is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. “Our continued success is built on a commitment to innovation, to understand our customers and their needs, and to continuously evolve and adapt to the changes in the markets we operate in,” says Andy Wan, Director, Regional Sales, Integrated Systems & Enterprise.

“We started off in 1925 as a humble one-man-company selling radio parts. During World War II, we became supplier of microphones to the U.S. armed forces. The introduction of the iconic “Elvis Mic” and the, now industry-standard, SM57 / SM58 microphones transformed us into the legendary pro audio brand we are known for. We have pioneered and are the leader in wireless audio technology today. Indeed, we continue to set industry benchmarks with our wired and wireless microphone systems. And now we are also expanding into new technology areas.”

Strategic Focus, Growth!

“Over the past 10 years, we have recognized a growing need for high quality audio in business applications, such as meetings, presentations, and audio/video conferencing. It was only a natural step to leverage our huge wealth of knowledge to address the needs of this market. In fact, corporate and institutional applications have become the fastest growing segment of Shure’s business today and continue to be a strategic focus moving forward.”

Customer-Centric Integrated Solutions

Wan notes, businesses are looking for solution providers that can support organizational needs for simplicity, scalability, security, and standardization. 

“Quality of experience is key – from initial system design to installation, ongoing operation, day-to-day interaction with the technology, to future expansion. Shure understands this and we are prepared to deliver on this without compromise.

Wan says: “It’s also important to note that we are only part of a wider ecosystem. Our products don’t operate standalone but integrate with other solutions, increasingly within the IT domain. They need to be agnostic in a way, so to operate compatibly in that environment. The rapid adoption of connected, digital devices also means that even microphones and audio processors now operate on your company’s IT network. This delivers a lot of operational benefits, but also raises cyber-security concerns, which we are addressing with network security features in our product roadmap.” 

“Shure aims to take business communication to the next level by providing intuitive, reliable, and secure solutions that are backed by top-notch service and support.” -Andy Wan

Quality Beyond Compare!

According to Wan, Shure aims to take business communication to the next level by providing intuitive, reliable, and secure solutions that are backed by top-notch service and support. 

“Our goal is to set a new standard for audio quality in corporate environments and add value for our customers by creating forward-looking technologies that address current and future organizational needs.  

The Experience Says it All!

“Over the years, Shure has grown into a truly global company. We have been continuously expanding our footprint and now have almost 30 office and manufacturing locations worldwide – on top of a strong global network of channel partners.” 

“In terms of our product portfolio, the cloud and Internet of Things are key areas of focus moving forward. We want to make our customers’ lives easier through connectivity, in all aspects of their operations, and enable them to take advantage of the benefits that cloud-based tools and big data can deliver. We employ more and more software engineers and continue to expand our knowledge and technical expertise. Our R&D team is already looking into technologies for the next 10 years or more.” 

“At Shure, everything is about planning for the future. Since the very beginning, our founder, S.N. Shure, wanted the company to be this great entity that provides solutions for people way out into the future. And we continue to do this with a strong commitment and passion,” Wan concludes. 

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