Strong belief in his convictions, a clear vision of tomorrow’s markets and a determination to succeed against all odds make a market leader out of HONOUR ENVIROSAFE TECH, says its dynamic CEO JAMES LIU.

Envirosafe (尚譽環境安全科技有限公司) was founded in 2013, to primarily provide professional formaldehyde (the fiend) de-composition service. “For the time being, at least thirty-thousand families, companies and schools have selected our cleaning service for healthier, more comfortable and safer environment,” says CEO James Liu.

“We are successful because we are consistent in our professionalism. We go on improving and adding value to our clients which is why we have been awarded the ‘Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong’ trophy for four consecutive years. We are recognized experts in formaldehyde removal and air cleaning, from medical grade to your home, we help you to keep away from most harmful substances, especially the ‘fiend’.”

“For the time being, photocatalyst is effective for keeping the fiend away which can last for five years at most. We are the first company to introduce Anti-Formalin, C-Shield and P-Deodor dealing with venues such as home, office-which have very levels of fiend. But, fact is more important than theory, so our R&D has been testing different solutions ensuring effective practically. We carefully selected medical-level photo-catalyst, Nippon-patented catalyst, anti-formalin, C-shield, P-Deodor and EctoPro Titanium Plus Air Filter. Our products and services are unbeatable in the market and when it comes to safeguarding our clients no body does it better,” Liu says.

Battling health Hazzards

In daily life, there are so many hazards like VOC, pm 2.5, nicotine, benzene, kitchen smoke, germs, virus, formaldehyde and so on, which cause indoor pollution. Formaldehyde is the worst fiend for your health, says Liu.

“Of course, Formaldehyde de-composition or Formaldehyde removal is not entirely new. People know that removal is necessary and they jump to find the cheapest possible solution, which is a disaster because if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

Luckily we have the HKHRA to ensure ethical and professionalism in the section. Our advantages include;

  • Over than five years of the fiend de-composition
  • Professional technique and Professional tools
  • Serving over than thirty-thousand clients such as home, office and school.
  • Different product line dealing with actual situations (medical-grade photocatalyst, Nippon-Patented catalyst, Anti-Formalin, C-Shield and P-Deodor for different level of the fiend. )
  • Major member of HKHRA
  • Being awarded ‘Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong’, four consecutive years.
  • The most welcomed brand in Hong Kong
  • Interviewed by the media
  • Youtuber Jason(J) ask us which is the most effective method can get rid of the fiend.

Liu notes: “Overall, the population is still increasing, the living space is getting smaller and smaller. Perhaps it is silly to hire a professional service to de-compositing the fiend for a usable 200 square feet apartment unit or just changing one or two seats. Hence, we introduce new products which include:

  1. Nippon-made air catalyst spray
  2. Nippon-made Nautually-made effective germ killer
  3. Nippon-made Nautually-made the fiend de-compositing cleaning liquid.
  4. Ecopro air filter…

…all made to suit your actual needs for a healthier, safer environment.

Our mission is to ensure the safety and protection of the people of Hong Kong with affordable, reliable and lasting solutions. We are committed to the growth of our markets and the well being of our customers.”   

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