Entrepreneurial flair and a zest for the best, saw the creation of CLIP FRESH, an innovative concept that’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

“Established in 1979 by my father, Mr. Tong Ying Chiu, we began as a small family business, manufacturing small plastic products on an OEM basis in Hong Kong,” says Billy, Tong Bak Nam, CEO & Executive Director.

“Our production base moved from Hong Kong to China in 1992 due to business expansion, needs and our own brand Clip Fresh was launched in 2009 provide customers with mid-to-high end products at an affordable price.”

Clip Fresh was awarded the Hong Kong Top Brand Awards in 2016 and in 2018, the company was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Tong, says the concept is growing in popular as more people are willing to reduce the use of disposal cutlery and switch to reusable food containers. 

“More people are also willing to bring their own containers for takeaway and leftovers.”

“Customers expect good quality storage containers but are also concerned about product safety issues thanks to increasing food safety awareness. Customers ask for more than functionality when they make a purchase. They also expect for an all-in-one multi-function item,” Tong explains.  

“We will continue to identify the changes in user preferences, making smart product improvements, and developing new products that exceed customers’ expectations.” – Billy, Tong Bak Nam, CEO & Executive Director

Meeting All Needs

“Clip Fresh products are known for their high standard quality, non-toxic and durable features. Our products are LFGB and FDA approved, meeting international standard. Our classic series has patented with its unique locking system design. We design products that could be used on different occasions, from home to on-the-go, from dry food to fresh food,” he says.  

“Our in house product design and development departments are responsive to market trends. We identify market needs and design products that provide solutions. With the growth of healthy and green living awareness, we strive to be competitive via a mix of quality and pricing meaning, we offer high quality but affordable products. We strive to build a solid brand image not only via our premium product features and durability, but also with our sense of dedicated customer care. We provide product warranty for our users, not commonly found in local competitors.” 

Built to Serve Discerning Users

“We develop particular products that cater to the needs of specific groups of users. Developing niche market in fact helps to build brand loyalty since there are few options in the market, customers are more likely to make repeat orders from us as we are able to provide effective solutions for their needs,” he says. 

“For example, we develop baby series- small serving-sized amounts of baby food containers to cater the baby feeding needs. Homemade baby food become a popular option for parents, as more mothers prefer to prepare food for their babies with fresh and healthy ingredients instead of purchasing pre-packaged food. These small containers are ideal for mums who make and store their homemade baby food. Air-tight lids allows mums to safely keep liquids or non-solid foods without fear of leakage. We provide the best solutions.”


“With the company’s growth and expansion, there will be a more diverse product portfolio. We will continue to ‘wow’ the customers with new, innovative and high quality products. Ongoing engagement with customers will help design and explore new products and features as user feedback always helps shape product development,” explains Tong. 

“Many of our products are made of solid, durable glass that ensures that no lead or toxic chemicals enter the drinks and are housed in an anti-slip and protective silicone sleeve with a chic pattern allowing users to see the contents. Customers now could enjoy both hot and cold drinks anywhere with a glass bottle made of these materials.”

“We will continue to identify the changes in user preferences, making smart product improvements, and developing new products that meet and exceed customers’ expectations,” he adds.

For additional information, please visit www.clip-fresh.com

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