A fresh new re-thinking of branding-led design is taking Hong Kong into new areas of growth. KATHERINE LI turns the spotlight on to the possibilities.

Katherine Li, Founder & Director.

Studio Plus Limited (SPL) was founded in the year of 2009 with a strong vision—to inject the idea of branding and retail strategies into architecture and interior designs.

“The mission is to create a larger impact visually and expand the understanding of branding design three dimensionally for our clients to boost their retail exposures, strengthen corporate identity, or enhance corporate cultures,” according to Katherine Li, founder and director. Li is a keen industry observer and a significant contribution to SPL’s positioning was derived from her education in architecture and business schools as well as her over 10 years of career background in architecture, retail and brand building prior founding SPL.

“As a result, SPL always puts the idea of branding up-front, and our designs became the end result of the executions to achieve the defined branding strategies, she says.

“Starting from 2011, SPL applied the idea of branding into institutional design for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Engineering and Science Schools,” explains Li, adding that  unique interiors were then created for each individual school under the roof of the universities; aiming to enhance the faculty and students’ identities as well as creating a stronger bonding among the ‘families’.”

“From then on in the past 9 years, SPL has taken the branding approach and added values to clients from different industries including retail, food and beverages, institutional, industrial, data center, corporate and government sectors.”

“Being able to diversify our scope of services and type of projects with out of the box ideas and professional track records are keys to win over our rivals despite pricing.” – Katherine Li

The Price Wars

“The architectural and interior industry is very competitive in terms of pricing and creativities. The majority of our clients follow formal tendering procedures whereby we have to compete with our rivals in terms of price and quality,” says Li.

She notes that although the quality of her designs and professional services play a huge role on the success of their projects, the industry is highly price sensitive.

“Being able to diversify our scope of services and type of projects with out of the box ideas and professional track records are keys to win over our rivals despite pricing.”

“Our niche is all about a different way of defining, understanding and applying the idea of branding into variety of applications, such as building façades, office interiors, classrooms, factories or even a fence wall, the railing of a staircase and the list goes on.  Such an approach not only has helped bringing fresh design ideas but has opened up our spectrum of services and project types in our portfolio.”

Towngas Telecom Hong Kong Data Centre 2 at TKO Industrial Estate, Hong Kong

Sustainable Solutions

Li says that SPL always strikes to be the leader in incorporating higher technologies into its designs. “Customers can expect more of our design innovation making use of advance materials and products that are available in the Greater China region, in addition to internationally sourced items.”

She says that sustainable design is an important key for the company’s development and “we aim to be able to introduce the methods and creative ideas while protecting earth resources,” she adds.

In terms of service network, SPL has started and looking forward to expand its foothold in the industry in the Greater China, Taiwan, Japan and South East Asia.

For additional information, please visit www.studioplus.com.hk

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