Taking advantage of a new wave of sports interests, TONG CHUN YIN fashioned a unique quality of service that’s giving a fresh boost to the sports sector. 

Tong Chun Yin (Otto) Founder & CEO: “We will tailor-make any promotion campaign crossovers with the events, brands, artists/athletes. This is a win-win for all concerned.”

The global sports-events industry is evolving to keep apace with emerging technology and Hong Kong’s sports sector is no exception. One entrepreneur spotted a niche and built a thriving sports marketing business.   

3S Entertainment Group was established in 2017. Its major business includes hosting international sports competitions, film production, concerts production, advertising and talent management in local and foreign markets. 

The brain child of Tong Chun Yin, Otto, the company developed its own IP sport event— “Hong Kong International Darts Festival”(HKIDF)—in 2017. 

This event included 3 elements; namely sport competition, music concert and carnival. 

“We invited 8 national teams from different countries to join this mega event and it was a phenomenal success,” Tong says.  

He adds: “We have hosted Beyond 35th anniversary exhibition, Legend Forever – Arsenal Master & Manchester United Master Invitational Tournament, 2nd HKIDF and Shout it out music festival and produced 1 sport reality tv show “港產體育研究所” in 2018.” 

“Our concept is about providing positive brand image promotion crossovers with sport events and providing a unique experience to our clients via different kinds of exclusive sports events and concerts.” 

IP Sports Shows!

“Actually sport marketing is quite famous these few years in Hong Kong because there are few famous athletes representing Hong Kong such as Rex Tso and Cecilia Yeung etc. More SMEs would like to crossover (team up) with different sport athletes because of their positive image and of course they have their own fans base. That’s the reason why we develop our own IP sport projects in these two years.” 

“We specialize in providing unique event experiences for the B2B market— such as different kinds of fans meetings and inter-action with famous artists and athletes. Some of our sports events can help companies do very effective team building exercises. We will tailor-make any promotion campaign crossovers with the events, brands, artists/athletes. This is a win-win for all concerned.”

Tong says he hopes to develop his IP sport event to be one of the signature events in Hong Kong. We are reaching out to different sport agencies in China to inviting them to co-operate with our IP event though our social media channel.”   

For additional information, please visit www.3s-entertainment.com.hk

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