The future can be shaped now, today, by infusing our kids and youth with a sense of integrity, team spirit and by inspiring them to excel. This is the mission of a company achieving just that through the international language of sports.

Joey Kwan with Louis Liu: Building talent, promoting sport and shaping character.

In the midst of busy, ambition-driven Hong Kong, is a dynamic company helping reshape our future generations by sport. Why sport? Simply because sport brings people together for joy, happiness, excitement, says Joey Kwan, President, Man Lap International Sports Group Co. Ltd.

“Our mission is to instill positive messages of respect for each other into young players through training, boost both physical and mental development: raise self-confidence, learn respect and develop a positive attitude, cultivate them to be men with great skills and characters, and also to value the community and society,” she adds.

Building Character

Louis Liu, CEO says Inter Milan send their experienced coaches from academy in Italy to Hong Kong regularly.

“Throughout our training courses, coaches  share their top-level coaching skills and techniques with the kids. Potential players also have a chance to join our affiliated Clubs in Hong Kong or overseas, making they dream to become a professional player come true.”

“Sport is a great medium to spread talent, mutual respect, gratitude, skill and knowledge through,” Liu says.

“Through sport we can educate our future generations into great citizens, mindful of each other’s feelings, share a williness to cooperate, spread love across borders and take steps toward a united, happier world.

“We are seeing a lot more younger children showing growing interest in our work and this is hearteneing because good habits taught at a young age become the pillars of great character,” says Chiu Chun Kit, Youth Director.

Superior Quality Coaching 

“Regular coaches exchange programme between Italy and Hong Kong is one of the advantages we offer. Our coaches therefore learn an unique European way of training guided by the head coach of Inter Milan, thereby providing a different angle and dimension to players,” Kwan says.

“For the coaches in our academy, more than half of them are former professionals or currently playing professionals, thereby offering a distincy superior, experienced quality of training to our players,” she adds.

“We are looking forward to working with more districts, organisations and schools in coming years, not just promoting a proper training to players, but also by sending potential players worldwide to gain experience, technique and style.”

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