Embracing new technology, a customer-led strategy and market-leading mindset, NOMAD INTERIOR DESIGN LTD is set to raise the bar.

Mandy Wong, Co-founder & Head of Business Management

“Nomad has long since written its own page in the long history of Hong Kong’s interior design industry. We take a people-centric approach toward innovation in design and execution. We remain focused on customer service, market-leading solutions and a long-term view of business relationships,” says Ms Mandy Wong, Co-founder & Head of Business Management.

“As one of almost 20 years SME in Hong Kong, both Vincent Pang, Co-founder and Head of Design, and myself delight in having the vision, being innovative and passionate about people. These corporate values have lead us on a path of sustainable growth and toward establishing a competitive niche in the industry,” Wong says.

Value-Based Service     

“While our designs are in a class of their own, we don’t just supply imaginative, thoughtful work but we partner with our customer from start to end. It is not just about design but about a holistic approach and the ability to create an enjoyable experience for the customer. We constantly strive to improvise with a view to incorporating more user-friendliness, facilitate more versatility and bring a smarter use of space, colour and form which then results in applause-worthy design.”

“While our designs are in a class of their own, we don’t just supply imaginative, thoughtful work but we partner with our customer from start to end.” – Mandy Wong

Tech-savvy Approach   

“Technology-based opportunities for us are coming quickly as well. For example, our accounting team is always making use of big data and analytics tools, and we’re always evaluating and developing business cases to create a new customer-oriented (people-centric) digital solutions using artificial intelligence in our project management,” Wong says.

She adds: “We will continue to protect and empower our designs and create benefits for our customers and suppliers.”

“One of our goals is to continually positively impact the community in Hong Kong instead of simply generating financial profit. Nomad donates 0.5% of our revenue to eligible charities in Hong Kong. This is the thirteenth year Nomad has been awarded under the Caring Company Scheme by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. We have been nominated by World Vision Hong Kong, Orbis, Food Angel, Ronald McDonald House Charities, etc.”

One Vision, One Platform  

“Nomad keeps striving for competitive advantage by adding ‘innovation and creativity’ to our designs. We are planning to create a platform that makes project management process more transparent. We also plan to foster more new approach to designers and project management professionals to this end. As for the Greater China Region, we hope our professional service can get into the China market so we can provide our specialized designs to the China market. This could be the first step toward our next important key milestone.”

For additional information, please visit www.nomadid.com

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