Engineering solutions have risen to a new high, thanks to the will and vision of REC ENGINEERING Co., LTD – a firm that’s redefining ‘service’ in the Greater Bay and beyond. 

Ir Chan Chi Ming, Antonio,
Deputy Managing Director.

REC is one of the Hong Kong’s largest engineering companies serving with every aspect of electrical and mechanical engineering services, including electrical installation, air-conditioning, fire prevention and fighting, plumbing and drainage, building automation systems, and engineering maintenance services.

The firm’s service covers the full project life cycle from initial electrical and mechanical design through installation to testing and commissioning and operation and maintenance, providing a one-stop-shop service to customers.

REC also excels in environmental engineering projects such as sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, electro-chlorination, and automated refuse collection system. Furthermore, our chemical engineering branch serves both public and private clients with their water treatment expertise.

Responding to Change   

“We were founded in 1966 as an electrical and mechanical engineering contractor,” says Ir Chan Chi Ming, Antonio, Deputy Managing Director of  REC in Hong Kong.

“For the better part of the past four decades, we traded under the name of Ryoden Engineering Company Ltd and were recognized as one of the most efficient and effective engineering service providers in the region.

“In the 80’s, we were among the first group of engineering companies exploring business opportunities in the Mainland. Earlier projects included the famous White Swan Hotel. A wholly-owned subsidiary, REC Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (Shanghai) Company Ltd, formerly the Ryoden Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (Shanghai) Company Ltd, was established in 2003 in Shanghai to respond to market change and mainland requirements and to pursue business development in all fronts.”

Early Start     

REC entered the Macau market with Hotel Lisboa’s water cooled-centrifugal chiller plant installation project in the 80’s. Its Macau Branch Office was established in 2003 to support multiple site offices and projects. Today, REC is being regarded as a prominent E&M contractor in Macau and has been participating in several casino-hotel complex construction projects.

“Our name was changed to REC Engineering Company Ltd in April 2009 after being acquired by the Yau Lee Holdings Ltd in May 2008. This acquisition has strengthened REC’s position as a leading engineering services provider as well as broadened our scope of business and development,” Chan explains.

“we are not only offering conventional M&E contracting works but also total solutions to our client in all aspects from air, water and energy.” – Ir Chan Chi Ming, Antonio, Deputy Managing Director.

Total Solution          

“With this added strength, we are not only offering contracting services but we are offering total solution to our client and understanding our clients’ need is our most important goal.” Says Chan.

He adds: “In year 2012 after the opening of the Group Hotel – Holiday Inn Express SoHo – which was awarded 4 International Platinum Green Building Awards including BEAM Plus by HKGBC, LEEDs by USGBC, Green Marks by BCA Singapore and 3 Star by GBLD, China, we have set up two new subsidiaries named REC Green Technologies Limited (RGT) and REC Green Energy Solutions Limited (RGE).”

“With these two new set up, we operate closely in line with the government policy in particular energy saving and sustainability which is one of the main government policies in combating climate change and carbon emission reduction. Smart City is also another important development under the government policy and our company has been working with our partners bringing in new technologies to Hong Kong. The recent launch of Automatic Carparking System is a prominent example of supporting the government policy in smart city development,” he says.

Compact Climate Change            

“With the increasing building stocks in Hong Kong as well as the massive development in China Mainland needless to say, the Great Bay Area in which building take up majority of the electricity consumption. In order to sustain our earth, retro-commissioning of the mechanical and electrical system of these buildings are critically important. Our offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou have been launching retro-commissioning services to our clients to reduce the building energy consumption not only to reduce their energy bill but also help reducing carbon dioxide emission. This is tally in line with the Central Government Policy as well.”

“In summary, we are not only offering conventional M&E contracting works but also total solutions to our client in all aspects from air, water and energy.”

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