Local visionaries FRANKIE TSANG and MILLS WONG are nurturing talent to empower future generations of leaders with invaluable skills to expand their capacities, broaden their horizons and turbo-boost their productivity.

Frankie Tsang is an inspired soul on a mission. His cause is simple – to show people how they can be more than they think they are, to reach beyond the possible, to dream and make those dreams come true.

Born in competitive Hong Kong, he was tempered by Asia’s most aggressive market, learnt skills-training with major local and foreign companies Tsang spotted an opportunity.

Backed by a rich tapestry of wide experience, Tsang struck out on his own and created Rock Training, as a simple, yet powerful concept that’s rapidly gaining growing acceptance in Hong Kong and South China.

Mills Wong, Regional Head of Rock Training.

“Our programs also address ‘why learners can’t exercise’ even if they know the skills. We cater for learners not only with skillset and toolset, but also mindset as well” – Mills Wong

What ROCK is for? 

Tsang explains: “ROCK, in ancient period, can be used for making fire, hunting for foods, building houses or even playing music. For intellectual heritage, ROCK is interpreted to be a Yan Shi ( 研石), which is used to grinding ink for writing and painting in ancient China. It was the means that helps people inherit and transfer their wisdom and arts to next generations.”

“Like Yan Shi, ROCK Training Consultants serve as the means to transfer knowledge and wisdom in companies and communities.  We are committed to unboxing people’s latent talents for personal achievements at work and for sustainability of corporations through the building of a leadership pipeline.”

“ROCK provides people development services to the corporations in Greater China and has been helping over 180 clients on which over 90% of them have given us repeat business. Every year, we train up over 6,500 staff for the corporations across the region.”

Empirical Application    

Mills Wong is a registered industrial and organizational psychologist with a Masters in Organisational Psychology. Having served in several Fortune 500 companies, he brings to ROCK a wide range of diverse skill-sets garnered over years of uncovering potentials.

“Rock is particularly strong in formulating instructional system design by adopting empirical application approach, through which, we translate empirical research of psychology into practices for application in authentic setting. All programs of ROCK are well grounded and examined in application,” Wong says.   

“Other than addressing ‘how to do’ when learners don’t know the skills, our programs also address ‘why learners can’t exercise’ even if they know the skills. We cater for learners not only with skillset and toolset, but also mindset as well” he adds.

According to Wong, spoon-feeding or a generic delivery method is no longer effective to the experienced trainees and new generations.

“The delivery method of ROCK must comprise fun and insight. We believe people learn and memorize better when they are delighted and stimulated by experience. Hence, ROCK delivers training programs through simulation and experiential activities that get learners highly engaged and inspires them to learn from experience through facilitation.”

Frankie Tsang, Head of Human Resource Development and Talent Development.

“LoooK delivers one-stop learning solutions for the corporations in Asia to prepare their leaders for future business challenges.” – Frankie Tsang

New Learning Technology         

“Business environment changes faster and faster with the advancement of technology,” says Tsang, adding, “this drives ROCK to develop our service with digitalization. Hence, we established a sister company called “3 Circles VR Learning Solutions” to invent new ways of knowledge transfer through application of new technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Moreover, we adopt motion graphic and micro-learning videos to present knowledge and skills in different ways so that learners can gain more authentic experience in a risk-free environment.”

“We also extend our reach to Asia and develop new services of Learning Analytics so that we established another sister company called “LIME Knowledge Technology Asia”. It provides a learning platform that offers personalized learning analytics to corporations and individuals in Asia. LIME will redefine the concepts and format of training courses and help people solve problems at workplace and daily learning through effective sharing of analytics and knowledge.”

LoooK: One-Stop Learning Solutions 

Tsang says that a new learning brand, LoooK, is created to deliver one-stop learning solutions through LIME, 3 Circles and ROCK.

“Under LoooK, the 3 companies play different roles. ROCK is responsible for off-line learning experience and creation of learning contents. 3 Circles is focused on on-line learning production. LIME is responsible for on-line learning experience and learning technology development. LoooK delivers one-stop learning solutions for the corporations in Asia to prepare their leaders for future business challenges.”

“Our goal is to be the most sought-after, the ‘go-to’ executive training experts in Hong Kong. We have proven expertise, we know the value of repeat business and our clients always appreciate the Return on Investment they get from our services. Having won the HKMVC Award is a sign of our success but it is yet encouragement for us to build on our reputation, quality and strength and serve this growing market with the dedication it deserves. We are all about talent sporting, skills nurturing, confidence boosting and productivity enhancing. Companies wishing to see how effective we are, need only give us a call to begin exploring the possibilities. Why wait for tomorrow, when we can start today!” concludes Tsang.

Key Milestones of ROCK:

  • Established Rock Hong Kong formally in January 2014
  • Launched Signature Programs “Just-in-Tine (JIT) Coaching” and “Rules of Influence (ROI)” in April and September 2014 respectively
  • Won HKMA T&D Excellence Awards for a retail client thrrough applying “JIT Coaching Techniques” in 2014
  • Established Rock Guangzhou in June 2015
  • Licensed as an Exclusive Licensee and Master Trainers of Micro Expressions in  Feburary 2016
  • Established sister company “3 Circles VR Learning Solutions” in May 2016
  • Created the first VR learning program named ‘Project Z’ for team leadership and creative thinking training in September 2016
  • Created the first VR assessment tool named “Commander” for decision making assessment in January 2017
  • Established ROCK Shanghai in March 2017
  • Launched Micro Expressions License Program in Guangzhou, Shengzhen, Shanghai and Macau in October 2017
  • Created the first AR learning program named “Power Run” for team development training in January 2018
  • Created sister company “LIME Knowledge Technology Asia” in August 2018
  • Create a new learning brand, LoooK, which provides one-stop learning solutions through 3 companies, LIME + 3 Circles + ROCK, in August 2018
  • Launched the first VR Trainer-The-Trainer Certification Program of the region and published a book, Coaching is Dying, to introduce Just-in-Time (JIT) Coaching in October 2018

For additional information, please visit www.rock-training.com

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