Thanks to the will and vision of ANDY FUNG, the full potential of PU is being put to a wider range of uses than can be imagined.   

Andy Fung, CEO of
T&C Environmental Material Ltd.

T & C Environmental Material Ltd has remained focused on PU (Polyurethane) production since 2012, and has enjoyed explosive growth and development ever since the fever of squishy toys in 2017, says Andy Fung, the company’s CEO, who adds, “we created such amazing output of this kind of products that the volume of container throughput reaches up to 400 annually.”

Innovation is Key       

Toys be produced in this material, provide a wonderful, safe alternative to children who need not fear of being hurt by sharp parts seen so often in conventional PVC solid plastic.

“Our new toys are aesthetically pleasing, safe and a joy to play with and squeeze for stress relief as well. We’ve donated our products to Children’s Cancer Foundation to soothe children’s emotions while treatment. Also, PU can be a tool of physical treatment in medical care industry and most of our daily necessities as well,” Fung explains.

“We have gone beyond the trend of squishy toys manufacturing which is using overall print instead of traditional spray painting to enrich the pattern of the product. We are the first company in Hong Kong and even in southern China to master this technology across this industry.

To create a lot of choices in the pattern which is limited in traditional painting. Such new technique help reduce the production cost thereby reducing the price of the toys which benefits the customer who finally pays.

“We are also continuing to develop different kinds of PU toys combine with other accessories, like plush and puzzle elements to create more functionable toys in order to meet different customers’ need,” Fung reveals.


Breaking New Ground!     

“We have made the greatest efforts in expanding this industry. On an average, the weekly peak volume of container throughput reaches up to 400 containers shipment volume and we had an almost 400 million turnover last year. We magically created such amazing output of these kinds of products, which can’t be mass produced as it’s foaming limitation. So, we have created the best result among the PU toy industry of HK or even China. We are also the first company in Hong Kong and even in South China to master the overall printed technology. These advantages give us the ability to cope with both, the huge need from customers and the pace of production, as well as lower cost to compete for the market share.”

The firm’s major markets are the USA, Canada and other Europe countries. “Our factories have been audited and passed the ICTI approval, and our products conformed to Europe countries/ USA/ Canada toys test standard as well. Due to our emphasis on product quality and safety, our products can totally meet such developed countries quality requirements. That’s why we can compete for a great market share.”

Maximizing Value

“PU is a most valuable production material used in different products manufacturing; We will develop more functionable toys. On the other hand, our products will not be limited to toys but will also extend to some healthcare products, most of our daily necessities and sports protection products in the launching future to maximize the value of PU,” says Fung.

“We will develop new products combined with new technology on the healthcare products platform to replace the current use of traditional gypsum/metal materials. It can better track patient rehabilitation data and reduce the use of other metal materials for environmental protection purposes.”

“We owe our success to our customers and to our hardworking, dedicated and loyal staff and this Award will inspire us to reach for greater heights and excel,” Fung concludes.

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