Bold initiative, creative solutions and customer-focus has proved a winning formula for TODOT DESIGN & PLANNING LTD.

Bob Lei, Design Director.

“Todot Design is a multi-disciplinary design unit comprising talent from Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Our different cultural backgrounds provide constant inspirations for our creative works. We focus on designing brands and products, striving to present clients with suitable bespoke solutions,” says Bob Lei, the firm’s design director.

He adds: “Our works have received many international design awards, including Lahti Poster Triennial Jury award, Graphis (Poster Annual 2017) Gold/Silver, and Communication Arts. They have been exhibited in multiple countries.”

The Ultraworks Advantage! 

“In order to better implement the design philosophy of Todot Design, we established our own product design brand, Ultraworks, in 2014. By embedding our understanding of good design into specific product design, we hope that the public can find quality products from Ultraworks that suit them,” Lei says.

Ultraworks products have received prestigious design awards in China and elsewhere, including Japan Good Design Award, Platinum A’ Design Award, Successful Design Award, China Good Design, Red Star Design Award, Design Intelligence Award Top 100, Hong Kong Designers Association Global Design Awards Silver Award.

Trend-setting Ideas

“In addition,” Lei adds, “we have created a fashion label – FAITH& FEARLESS. These novel and bold designs have been recognized and supported by lots of celebrities and trendsetters, and have thus commanded growing attention.”

Todot Design is planning to further develop the markets and promote the brands in 2018. The firm works with over 80 distributors in China. They are scattered across metropolises like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Nanjing.

Humble Beginnings

Lei tells his story better than anyone else can. “I am a Macao designer and graduated from the Graphic Design Department of the Macau Polytechnic Institute. Now my main work is divided into two parts: graphic design services and product development. I feel that Macao is now in the initial stage of design, especially in terms of brand design and product design. The situation in terms of talents or technology, and even the complete industrial chain is far less than that in neighboring regions, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, etc., so as a city, Macao has its share of hurdles to overcome, we aim to make Macao’s cultural and creative industries mature.”


Growth Prospects

Lei explains, “with the development of the Greater Bay Area, the economy of Macau and Hong Kong will also face the domestic market, and Shenzhen will actively raise its own level. Everyone is working hard for the future. This is a very positive competition. A company that can have three cultures is a very rare thing, especially in Macau, so a large number of customers who find us to design will feel that we are very interesting.”

“Now every industry, every institution, and even everyone is saying (Greater Bay Area). Yes, it is indeed very attractive, especially for young people, it has countless opportunities and wealth. However, I hope to lead the team to go slower, and make good use of the resources and advantages of our team. The HKMVC Award is a sign that we are on the right track. We intend to take our design quality, our unique customer service understanding and quality to greater heights and show the world that there are no boundaries to imagination and hard work. We aim to amaze. That is our contribution. That is our legacy.”

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