A keen eye for sustainability, a profound grasp of market dynamics and a cutting-edge marketing talent made a thriving business for two young professionals who dared to dream.

Kelly Sin and Chris Ng, founders of Urban Air Design Ltd.

Hong Kong is awash with marketing companies much smaller than the claims they make. Those founded by entrepreneur though tend to offer more substance and experienced-based solutions that work, if only because reputation is the only path open to such companies. Satisfied clients and word-of-mouth advertising is precious.

Urban Air Design (UAD) was established in 2003 by its two founders Kelly Sin and Chris Ng, at a humble working studio at Tin Hau, Hong Kong. 

Thanks to the economic downturn after SARS, the young professionals thought that it would be an opportunity to start up their creative business with relatively low setup costs. It worked!

Fifteen years of growth later Urban Air Design is an experienced and award-winning independent integrated marketing/branding consultant, held in high regard by Hong Kong’s more discerning clients. 

“We are one of the top creative consultants expertise in providing sustainability branding solutions,” says Kelly Sin. She adds: “We have proudly produced over 100 sustainability reports and we created many meaningful CSR projects for our clients since 2006.”

Pragmatic Solutions

“We not only provide design services but we deliver professional knowledge including strategic planning and marketing campaign management,” says co-founder Chris Ng.

“We provide all-round solutions by striking a balance between creativity and reality in order to develop innovative ideas without losing sight of what is appropriate for any given business scenario and without compromising on corporate social responsibility,” Ng says.

“Nowadays, the design industry in Hong Kong is far more competitive than ever. In the digital age, the birth of internet and the demand for online marketing has brought disruption to the whole creative industry,” Ng explains.

“We not only provide design services but we deliver professional knowledge including strategic planning and marketing campaign management.”

“As a marketer, it is essential to choose a right design or marketing partner who has professional knowledge and capability to deliver sound marketing ideas and effective solutions. Therefore, Urban Air team always urge to improve our offerings by encouraging our employees training, so that we could equip ourselves with better knowledge and market trends.”

“Since we have been built up a solid foundation about the sustainability or CSR aspects, we believe that we could optimize our advantage of that and also maximize our creativity to deliver innovative marketing strategies and solutions to the fulfill our clients’ needs.”

Kell Sin, joins in to say, “based on the long-term relationship with some of our existing clients, we understand their business nature, their challenges and their needs, and thus we can serve them better by providing tailor-made solutions. Our team is also experienced in managing digital marketing projects, so we could integrate our knowledge and creative ideas across to provide one-stop solutions for both print and online channels.”

Ambitious Growth

“Our vision is to become one of the creative consultants in the Greater Bay Area in sustainability branding and transformation offering innovative marketing strategies and solutions,” Sin says.

UAD is planning to launch a few self-initiated projects to promote sustainability to the public, while the formats and published channels could be diversified.

“From the B-to-B perspectives, we would like to collaborate with  one or two business partners to expand our services/offerings by creating innovative staff training materials or delivering short stakeholders engagement workshops about sustainability or corporate responsibility.”

For additional information, please visit www.urbanairdesign.com

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