A closely guarded secret in Hong Kong’s property circle is VANGUARD REALITY LTD – a quick, reliable, authentic source of property-related knowledge, expertise, market insight and foresight.

Sunny Ko, Director & Founder of Vanguard Realty Ltd.

Hong Kong is a property-driven economy and hence Vanguard Realty Ltd fills a niche — providing property consultancy services to customers, as well as some plans for property integration, mergers and acquisitions and reconstruction.

“Apart from this, property trading and property development are also our area of expertise,” says Sunny Ko, the company’s director and founder.

Vanguard is mainly focused on property merger services. It is also committed to revitalizing the environment in the old districts of the city and hopes to enhance the quality of life of residents and improve their living environment.

Change for the Better

With the increasing number of housing conditions and demand for Hong Kong residents, the purchase of old buildings that are in urgent need of redevelopment will be driven by the development of old buildings and the trend of building flats in the urban areas will benefit more people.

Vanguard has promoted the old district revitalization plan in recent years, bringing residents a safe, comfortable and modern living environment.

The company has highly qualified senior teams, and members of the team have more experience in participating in large-scale merger development projects. Moreover, the company and its team members are licensed to provide a better living and community environment for the residents in Hong Kong.

“We need to address each one wisely because many lives depend on our decisions so we continue to work diligently and remain respectful of our customers, partners and employees.” – Sunny Ko, Director & Founder.

Careful Strategy

“The situation we are currently facing has been on-going now for about 5-10 years,” Ko says.

“Since the flow of information is very advanced today, most of the old building owners are also very aware that the purchase of urban areas is rare, resulting in very aggressive bidding and even exceeding their own value. We can only use the experienced data to convince them with real data and we are usually successful, so the customer gets correct information from us,” explains Ko.

“Over the years, we have been providing professional old building acquisition services. In recent years, we have further acquired the industrial and commercial shops, which has made our business more diversified and provided our customers with the most diversified services.”

Latest developments (left to right): 20-26 Old Bailey Street and No.11 Chancery Lane Hong Kong, No.74-80 Old Main Street in Aberdeen, 1-7 Po Tuck Street in Sai Wan.

Greater Bay Scope

“As a highly open and international city in the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong’s dual advantages (one country, two systems) play a very important role in the construction of the Greater Bay Area,” says Ko.

“We are based in Hong Kong and looks forward to the development of the Greater Bay Area. Also we are attracting talents to prepare for the development of the property in Greater Bay Area. The main priority is to stay focused on what we do best. Opportunities will come but we need to address each one wisely because many lives depend on our decisions so we continue to work diligently and remain respectful of our customers, partners and employees. Winning the HKMVC Award is a great sign of encouragement. It will inspire us to reach for greater heights of perfection.”

For additional information, please visit www.vanguardrealty.hk

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