In the battle between volumes and margins, CREATIVE CONCEPTS MANUFACTURING LTD is proving to a be a silver bullet for smart companies with global markets.

Joe Advani (R), Director & Vin Advani (L)VP of US Operations.

In today’s age of technology and the rise of E-commerce/ Electronic Retail, most brick and mortar retailers have turned gun-shy from placing orders with larger volume or even listing additional items.

Consumers easily order directly with their mobile device and receive products at their door step in a day or two, without having to leave their home and drive down to the stores.

“Many manufacturers/suppliers faced a backlash in the last 2 years with less commitments or lower volumes than before. The retail industry is getting increasingly tough, however, companies like us are trying to stay ahead of the game. We are offering retailers lower costs whilst keeping the quality of the product entirely the same. This would give them higher margins and offer their consumers a lower retail price point,” says Joe Advani, Director of Creative Concepts Manufacturing Ltd.

“At the end of the day, every dollar saved counts! Our customers turn towards us to work with them in achieving this goal of driving consumers and sales to their store or even to their online platform,” he explains.

“We help them to be competitive in every way possible and help them keep up with their margin requirements. This also helps our customers to reduce the number of suppliers they have and move their attention towards us as we are helping them to move forward and grow their sales, and vice-versa.”

“The path to success is paved with challenges, setbacks, but these can easily be overcome if we plan strategically, have the foresight to gauge trends and embrace tomorrow’s technology today.”

Not Just Products! Service Matters!!

Our strength and expertise is in the manufacturing process and product development. Once you have the right components moving, you are going to be successful in being competitive, Advani notes.

“Any supplier can say they are the cheapest or the best at something, but are they really? It’s not always about the right product or the right price, but it’s the service and being ahead of the market trends that comes after that,” he adds.

“We thrive on being OEM specialists, because we go out and find out what is trending, what are consumers buying and at what price. We take those trends, put them through our R&D department and see how we can get competitive. Once our products are in the market, we don’t stop there. We add in exposure in depth with digital, TV media and social marketing to drive the sales. We TRY to add in better value to the product following latest consumer trends and demands keeping the product affordable for every consumer! Most of the competitors fall back on this because either they do not have a channel to get this done or they do not offer this service. We have our analysts always online looking out for any negative reviews (if ever found), and turn them back to positive. We don’t like having unhappy customers.”

Creative Concepts receives the trophy of excellence at the Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2019 award ceremony on June 13, 2019.

To Your Doorstep!

Advani says his vision is to expand our vertical integration. “We have a strong manufacturing strength mixed with experienced sales around the world. We are working towards Drop-ship (delivered to your door ) directly from Asia , Europe , USA to our customers around the world.

“Considering that we are direct manufacturers of the product, we have enough margins to add in the logistics costs and still be competitive. We are already expanding our wings internationally and making our presence with offices around the world. Slowly but surely, we will expand our distribution worldwide with just a single click of a button.”

“With the setup of our own offices, warehousing and fulfillment centers in the USA and Europe, we are able to drive sales online and big box stores whether it’s on TV through media support or direct through retail supply chain,” says Vin Advani, VP of US Operations.

“Hong Kong is the ideal soil for a creative, agile, responsive company like ours to operate from because it has the financial, logistics infrastructure and the people here have an amazing ‘will-do’ attitude. We are blessed with an impressive array of talent in our company and the HKMVC Award this year is a fitting tribute to our determination to excel, our commitment to quality and our ambition to stay as a best-in-class service provider,” Joe Advani concludes.

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