People-based travel expert on Maldives is thriving thanks to travellers seeking authentic, mind-blowing travel explorations and life-lasting memories.

Samson Pang, Managing Director.

While the march towards internet-based DIY travel is well and truly on, seasoned travellers prefer to have a personal touch added too their holidays by experts on the destination of choice – as well as, a one-stop shop. They want a hassle-free trip and get it when they book through Sun N Sea Holidays, a well-referred company that has grown on word-of-mouth from satisfied clients.   

Filling a Niche!

According to managing director Samson Pang, advancing technology is developing rapidly and travel companies unable to keep up with the trend are gradually being eliminated.

“For example, the emergence of “OTA (Online Travel Agency)” has greatly reduced manpower in recent years.  Many travel practitioners have lost their jobs. Sun N Sea Holidays can stay strong in the market, because of our quality of service,” Pang says, adding, “we develop new tourism products close to the market, have accumulated a group of well-rounded customers and attracted a market with spending potential and high quality.

“Our innovative itineraries are designed for travelers who are looking for extraordinary travel experiences. We aim at providing seamless service from the moment of booking to the time of returning home.”

“We aim at providing seamless service from the moment of booking to the time of returning home.” – Samson Pang

Maldives Specialist

“Maldives is no doubt a paradise on earth and the destination for ultimate luxury holiday escape. Resorts in Maldives are flourishing with a broad range of variety: natural, concise, stylish, exquisite, luxury… it should be quite difficult to make a decision which resort to stay as most of them offer the best service in the world. Sun N Sea Holidays has been offering Maldives holidays since established, to honeymooners and families, and our handpicked resorts never fail to leave great impressions on the vacationers. Planning a trip to Maldives? Count on us!” urges Pang.

Sun N Sea Holidays shares the passion for diving with travelers by organizing diving holidays worldwide – a feature that’s fascinating travellers.

“Sun N Sea Holidays even offer diver certification courses and regular training overseas instructed by professional for people embarking on the sport. Beginners can witness the wondrous, amazing world beneath the waves and get the diver certification as well.”

Bespoke Travel

Theme packages and private tours are dedicated to addressing special interest, such as safari, skiing, photography, military fighter-jet experience and even journeys which many people only dream of, Pang reveals.

“Our culture-exploring journeys combine the wonder of must-see sights with the discovery of far-off cultures. These private journeys allow further exploration without missing out on those celebrated sights. In line with our commitment of giving our clients even more spectacular experience, top operators are the only choice to ensure the best services and safety precautions even at the most deserted area. Of course journeys could be tailor-made according to individual needs.”

“We also make many couples’ wedding dreams come true. The team showcases its expertise by tailor-made wedding and honeymoon packages to suit couple’s preference and we flawlessly organize everything down to the last detail  – from photography, wedding ceremony to honeymoon. Creating a dream wedding and an unforgettable honeymoon for the couples is our passion and we insist on perfection. We are a travel agent ‘be people, for people – and that makes all the difference!”

Sun N Sea Holidays receives the award of “Most Customer-Focussed Travel Agency” at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong awards ceremony 2019 on June 13, 2019 in the The Gold Coast Hotel.

Growing Market

The Mainland’s economy is booming with, especially the new consumption model with the electronic platform as the core has become the mainstream, Pang notes.

“Over the past two decades, we have established our reputation for diving tours, overseas weddings, Maldives, honeymoon packages, and in the next few years we will carry out private custom tours in Greece as the core. Hong Kong is the hub of the Greater Bay Area. The culture and living standards are getting closer. In the future, we will focus on making consumers understand our value of professional services and make smart choices!” Pang concludes.

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