Discerning foodies owe much to FOUR SEAS GROUP for adding a kaleidoscope of flavour, spice, culture and tastes to their tables. Here’s why.

The Hon Tai Tak Fung, Stephen, GBM, GBS, SBS, JP, Chairman.

By regularly examining the changes in consumer environment and behaviour, Four Seas Group is constantly scouring development opportunities to increase the number of its customers and expand the diversity of its products, says The Hon Tai Tak Fung, Stephen, Chairman of Four Seas Group, one of the largest food enterprises in Hong Kong.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1971, the Group has diversified its food business into raw material supply, manufacturing, trading and distribution, retail, catering and investment holdings over the past 48 years.

Creative Concepts

The Group strives for innovation in its retailing and catering businesses. The Group has successfully launched “Sushiyoshi”, a Michelin-2-Starred restaurant from Osaka, which is its first overseas branch outside Japan. This Japanese traditional culinary art has been widely acclaimed by customers, with the chef creating unique dishes from fresh and seasonal ingredients. In 2017, the Group opened a new specialty store “Okashi Galleria” in Tsim Sha Tsui offering famous Japanese brands, including “Japan Ice-cream House”, which provides varieties of renowned Japanese ice-cream; and also “Qjiki”, a well-known innovative Japanese brand of Kagoshima fried fish cake.

“Though we are rooted in Hong Kong, the Group has set its sights on Mainland China and the rest of the world, with its continuous market development being assisted by the advancement of technology. Last year, the Group pioneered the opening of the first unmanned “Okashi Land” snack store in Mongkok, a Hong Kong’s busy district, for a specified period in September. In a partnership with EasyGo, cutting-edge technology was used to simplify the process of shopping through electronic payment methods. The outlet provided an unprecedented retailing experience for customers,” Tai reveals proudly.

“Though we are rooted in Hong Kong, the Group has set its sights on Mainland China and the rest of the world, with its continuous market development being assisted by the advancement of technology.” – Stephen Tai

China Growth

“In light of the rapid development of the e-sport market, the Group cooperated with Hero Entertainment, a Mainland China mobile electronic sports enterprise, to add new elements to traditional snacks through marketing and brand interaction. This cooperation can enable the Group to expand its business to the Greater China market. The cross-over not only widens the scope of customers in Hong Kong, it also attracts game members in Mainland China who get to know and buy the Group’s products via its online stores,” Tai explains.

The Group has been striving to expand in the Mainland by taking advantage of self-owned food manufacturing plants there to further increase the sales of products of its own brand in the Mainland market. The Group is also developing the import, export and e-commerce of international food products.

A focal point of these developments is the Nansha District in the China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, which is regarded as the Group’s bridgehead for importing products to the Mainland market. The geographical advantage of the Nansha District encourages effective business development, providing a stable platform for the Group’s Mainland food trading performance.

Mainland customers’ growing demand for quality food is also satisfied by purchasing their favorite Four Seas products through electronic trade platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Tmall Global and JD.com.

As a Hong Kong top brand, the Group will continue promoting its own products as well as those under other brands carried by the Group in Mainland China to enhance market share through effective marketing strategies and providing delicious food. According to Tai, prospects remain bright for the ambitious Group devoted to exploring new avenues of growth across the Asia Pacific.

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