Technology giant NEC is reinventing the way we live and work, reliable digital solutions are now a reality! 

Gary Tai, Business Director of NECHK

NEC Hong Kong Ltd (NECHK) started its communications business and computer business in 1985 since when NECHK imported computer equipment and communication equipment such as notebook, server, PC, PABX switching system, Display, mobile terminals and many others devices from NEC Japan.

“NEC products are very well known for quality. We captured large market shares till 2000 when China and Korea products become dominant,” says Gary Tai, Business Director of NECHK.       

Ground-breaking Progress!

NECHK is one of the first Information and Communications Technology (ICT) providers to deploy Face Recognition technology in Hong Kong market in 2001 for the government to enhance the border security.

“We have also supported NEC Corporation (Japan) for expanding the Face Recognition business worldwide and it proved to be very successful in public safety areas. As of today, NECHK deployed over 700 areas worldwide and the Face Recognition technology Ranked No. 1 in the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the fourth consecutive times. NECHK also developed our own Liveness Detection technology for Public Safety and supported finance, government and enterprises sectors in the area of personnel identification.”

Gary Tai, Business Director of NECHK receives the trophy of excellence from Glenn Rogers (L), CEO and editor-in-chief of Mediazone Group at the Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2019.

Integrated Solutions

NECHK is one of the major local System Integrators and our products/solutions include: AI, Big Data, IoT, Biometrics, Personal Identification, Smart Transportation, Smart Health, Blockchain platform and cyber security, etc.

“Currently, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and NECHK join hands to provide Robot-based Intervention Programme named “Robot for Autism Behavioral Intervention” (RABI) for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Hong Kong.”

“The ICT industry is changing rapidly, industry transformation via digitalization and mobility is necessary.  The business model is also changing for ICT, we do business via platform instead of project by project,” Tai says.

The key business focus of NECHK is public safety, logistics, retail, transportation, health care, education, mobility, platform-infrastructure and cyber security. NEC continues to develop new technologies and solutions such as “NEC the WISE IoT Platform”, “NEC Smart Connectivity”, “Bio-Idiom (NEC biometric authentication)”, 5G and Robotics etc.

“With the change in the ICT industry, customers are more demanding on the performance, cost effective and the accuracy. Disruptive Innovation is the topic around which most customers seek to improve their cost structure and profitability. We sometimes provide consultancy on disruptive innovation,” he adds.

“Since, we have the flexibility to enhance our products and solutions, we maximize the best output and return for our customers.”

Amazing Integrated Solutions

NEC is capable of integrating digitalization and mobility for customers pursuing their business transformation in order to capture more market share and sustain service for longer period.

“The company is one of the suppliers for Advanced AI algorithms and we achieved the highest performance evaluation in the “Face in Video Evaluation (FIVE) 2017” testing performed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for Face Recognition technology. NEC is not only a solution provider but a manufacturer of System Hardware like Super Computer, Storage; IoT devices, communication equipment such as 5G; various software. Therefore, we can offer a one- stop-solution to our customers without any integration problems. Since, we have the flexibility to enhance our products and solutions, we maximize the best output and return for our customers.”

“For Solution Integration, we have the advantages and uniqueness as we can develop custom-made, reliable and flexible solutions that is not available in the market but required by customers critically.”

“The NEC Group is promoting its “Social Solutions Business” on a global scale, which creates social value in terms of safety, security, efficiency and equality. Going forward, NEC will combine advanced ICT and expertise to create an efficient and sophisticated society in which people can live brighter and more affluent lives. This year, we will launch the elderly services platform in Hong Kong for improving their communication ability and well-being.

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