Few know of the unsung heroes – the companies and people – who work silently behind the scenes to build Hong Kong into the envy and pride of Asia. LINGMA CONSTRUCTION is one such legend.

Krishna Rajbhandari, Managing Director.

Lingma Construction is a manpower supply and civil construction company founded in 1998 by the late KB Lingkha, (an ex-servicemen from the Gurkha Engineers) when the Chep Lap Kok Airport was built. Since then, Lingma has participated in more than 15 Major Highway, MTR and Drainage tunnel, station and building projects, providing both Labour Supply and Subcontract works.

Current managing director Krishna Rajbhandari (who is also an ex-Gurkha officer) has 18 yrs experience in key positions on major civil local and European projects prior to taking over the helm at Lingma in 2012. Rajbhandari has made significant and important changes to the company’s policy, structure, operating procedure and mission steering the company onto a new and very successful path. He has with support of Company partner Mrs Chandraka Rai and some key site management and supervisory staffs spearheaded the growth of Lingma and the company has participated in many major projects, successfully supplying and administering more than 600 workers.          

Building a Great City

The company has completed major civil infrastructure and underground works, such as the construction of tunnels using both TBM and Drill-Blast methods; Tunnel Lining and shaft using metal formwork; construction of buildings and MTR stations using traditional timber formworks as well as various concreting, grouting and ABWF finishing works including major metal scaffolding projects.

More recently completed projects have been MTR Lines : Kowloon XRL Terminus with Leighton and Gammon, SCL1120 with Alstom , KTE1001 with Nishimatsu, Highway tunnel Liantang Ph2 with Dragages Hk.

Ongoing projects include: MTR SCL1109 To Ka Wan & SWU stations with Samsung and New Power Plant Building Construction at Black Point with Leighton and Runway 3 Deep Cement mixing with Chun Wo which are in their final stages.

People, Skill & Talent

Lingma Construction has a very strong connection with local construction workers and there are more than 1,200 multinational (Nepalese, Chinese, Indian, Filipino and other) experienced and skilled tunnel workers, supervisors, technicians and operatives in the company’s labour pool.

“Lingma’s teams are guided and managed by ex-Gurkha managers and experienced hand-on supervisors who maintain very close liaison with client’s and their representatives to ensure their services are delivered proactively with honesty, loyalty and trust,” says Mr Rajbhandari.

All workers are administered and paid by qualified and experienced administration team to ensure they are correctly paid with their full entitlement and benefit.

“Should you choose Lingma, you are guaranteed full satisfaction with professional supply and support which will be delivered with honesty and integrity,”

– Krishna Rajbhandari

The managing director is personally involved in the selection and training of all new workers to strictly ensure the suitability of each worker ie. “the right man for right job” with all the characteristics and skills required of a professional worker.

“The importance of health and safety at work is stressed as a priority to all staff through initial safety briefing prior to joining the company and further developed at the commencement of new jobs.  The company works closely with Health and Safety officers on every site in order to understand the particular risks of each project and they ensure all operatives are aware of the potential risks involved and have the necessary personal safety equipment,” he explains.

“We deploy our own on-site co-ordinator and operation manager to motivate, monitor and review supply to ensure a high standard of professionalism to clients and in doing so, Lingma have consecutively been awarded the title of “best contractor” in safety and “best contractor” in high production over several years. Clients are very satisfied with the reliable, professional and productive supply from Lingma.”

Krishna Rajbhandari, Managing Director of Lingma Construction receives the trophy of excellence at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2019 awards ceremony on June 13, 2019 in Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel.

Clients Want Reliability

“Recently, many new labour supply companies have come on the market but have failed to manage, administer and pay their workers correctly, as a result, many labour disputes and injury cases have caused these companies to go bust, putting their client in loss and in difficult situations. However, should you choose Lingma, you are guaranteed full satisfaction with professional supply and support which will be delivered with honesty and integrity,” notes Rajbhandari.

The firm has recently opened its E&M (Electrical and Mechanical Branch) and expects to serve all prospective clients and partners in this new field. The company hopes to be awarded some new contracts in the construction of upcoming runway 3, new MTR lines, new Highway Tunnel and reclamation of land and building construction works.

For additional information, please visit www.lingmaconstruction.com

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