Serving the competitive pensions market in Hong Kong needs a strategic mix of customer-sensitivity, market knowhow, investment trends and tech-savvy, says BELINDA LUK.

Belinda Luk, Senior Vice President.

BestServe Financial Limited (“BestServe’), as a market leader in pension third party administration business, has over 20 years of pension administration experience in Hong Kong in both Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes and Occupational Retirement Schemes.

“We are among the few companies capable of operating on a multi-fund manager platform with more than 150 investment funds from 20 investment management houses for our third party pension administration clients.  Our Member Servicing Model is built on the Client Centricity vision,” says Belinda Luk, Senior Vice President.

“We have launched an e-portal “” – a ‘Market’s first information website allowing users to view and compare historical performance of all MPF constituent funds in Hong Kong,”

– Belinda Luk, Senior Vice President

Facilitating Choice

“We have been making earnest efforts to enhance our MPF services by improving member communication and service efficiency aiming at delivering “Peace of Mind” service solutions to our members,” says Luk.

“This is very important as MPF members are more aware of their MPF accounts and would like to have more control over their MPF benefits. Digital also creates more consumer awareness and giving them a wider perspective to decide which service provide suits them best,” she explains.

This bodes well for Hong Kong’s financial industry, driving it to provide better quality in terms of competitive investment products and true world-class service.

BestServe Financial Limited receives the trophy of excellence at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards 2019.

Web-Based Solutions

“BestServe will continue to use e-alerts, to enhance the navigation of online pension service centre as well as developing MPF apps to facilitate our clients.

In addition, we have also launched an e-portal “” in Nov 2011 which is a “Market’s first” information website allowing users to view and compare historical performance of all MPF constituent funds in Hong Kong. At BestServe, we know our clients are at the centre of all we do and our mission is to serve.This philosophy is central to our operating model and our business success.”

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