Investors in precious metals will find a remarkable resource in UP WAY CHINA BULLION LTD.

In recent years, investment has become synonymous with the pursuit of asset appreciation, and gold has long been regarded as a stable, popular investment option often used to share risks.

Up Way China Bullion Ltd., (Up Way China) is a Hong Kong gold and silver trade trader.

Since 2010, the firm has been based in Hong Kong, providing global customers with 24/7 financial investment trading services. In addition to enterprises and individual customers in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the current customer base has gradually expanded to Southeast Asia and other places.       

Expansion & Growth

In the past few years, the company has maintained rapid development, says a company spokesperson. “In 2015, we attended the opening ceremony of the Golden “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect” and became an international agent of the gold and silver trade of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. And 2017 attended the opening ceremony of “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Gold Connect” , became the first batch of traders stationed in Qianhai (前海)to promote the internationalization of China’s financial market,” she said.

China is the world’s largest gold producer and the largest gold consumer. Gold is one of the most popular investments in many precious metals.

“Investors generally buy gold as a safe haven for political and economic crises. Recently, the latest data from the China Gold Association shows that both gold production and consumption are ranked first in the world. Specifically, domestic gold production in 2010 was 401.119 tons, which was 25.023 tons less than that in 2017, down 5.87% year-on-year. It has ranked first in the world for 12 consecutive years since 2007,” she said.

Expanding Markets

Speaking on growth, she said, “the company’s business in China and Southeast Asia has experienced rapid growth in the past few years, including continuous improvement in income levels and increasingly mature investment habits. The low investment threshold and flexible investment methods have always brought considerable growth to the company’s business. It is expected that the economic environment will change in the next year one or two, and investors will continue to maintain interest in investing in gold.”

“Using MT4 international common trading platform, powerful, safe and stable without slippage; simple operation, with lock function, comprehensive and; 100% pending order automatic execution, we provide the saving time and convenient trading platform , It is easier for investors to grasp and make investment choices when investing. Support ultra-short-term trading, can be closed in one second, no abnormal trading restrictions, to maximize the protection of customer interests and trading freedom.

“We understand that users’ access to information requires faster, more immediate, more accurate, more realistic, and more needs to seek an interactive experience. We have been set up a live broadcast room in 2012 to provide professional analysts. Interpretation of market conditions, customers seeking analysts’ advice, can also interact with analysts to exchange opinions, understand technical operations and interpret global market data, judge market dynamics, reduce investment blindness, understand risks, and avoid unnecessary losses,” the spokesperson said.

Up Way China Bullion Ltd receives the trophy of excellence at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong awards ceremony 2019.

“Looking forward to the future, Up Way China will continue to build an online trading platform that radiates across the country, China Unicom and Asia Pacific, and build the most international core competitiveness.”

Future of Trading

In 2018, Up Way China has won the support and praise of nearly one million customers around the world for its “simple and convenient operation, safe and stable trading”. At present, the total amount of platform transactions has exceeded 100 billion, accumulating more than 2.8 million individual and corporate customers.

“Looking forward to 2019, Up Way China will plan to further expand its obligation to build a society, actively promote charitable activities in China, contribute to it, and make more contributions to places where development is needed.

“This award is very encouraging for us. Looking forward to the future, Up Way China will continue to build an online trading platform that radiates across the country, China Unicom and Asia Pacific, and build the most international core competitiveness.”

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