The voice of the market called for VENHOUSE FINANCIAL PLANNING LTD to be more than just a money manager. This is why and how a traditional IFA grew to be a multi-solutions company providing tomorrow’s answers to today’s questions.

Samuel Leung, CEO.

With more than 150 registered financial planning consultants serving the clients both in Hong Kong and the PRC, in 2016, we recorded an increase in market share across major players financial planning industry, says Samuel Leung, CEO, Venhouse Financial Planning Ltd.

“In order to provide value-added services to our existing clients, we started to develop other business. In 2017, we established Venhouse Immigration Consultancy Ltd to provide professional advice and immigration-related service to Hong Kong and other markets including Singapore, Japan, Canada.

Moreover, our service went beyond just the objective. We provide help make arrangements and advice them after the immigration on issues such as housing, education, accounting, legal formalities etc.”

“This is what is known as the Venhouse difference – we don’t love and leave our clients but we see to it that they are comfortable and stable, above all,” he adds.

“We aim to be the best financial planning service in Hong Kong and we won’t stop until we reach beyond that point.”

– Samuel Leung

Spreading Value-Based Service

“In 2018, we established ENKA Overseas Property Development Ltd, to explore the opportunities of investment in overseas properties. Besides earning profit from investment, it is an advantage to the immigration purpose of our existing clients. The first project developed by ENKA Overseas Property Development Ltd is a boutique hotel located in Osaka of Japan – launched in early 2019.”

In 2018, Venhouse Financial Group was officially formed to reflect the current development of Venhouse – providing one stop services to our existing clients, included but not limited to financial planning, insurance, investment, investment advice, immigration, property related investment,” Leung explains.

Venhouse Financial Group included the following companies:

  • Venhouse Financial Planning Ltd (鐶安財務策劃有限公司)
  • Venhouse Wealth Management Ltd (鐶安財富管理有限公司)
  • Venhouse Immigration Consultancy Ltd (鐶安移民顧問有限公司)
  • ENKA Overseas Property Development Ltd (安格海外地產發展有限公司)

Careful Choice

Leung notes that competition amongst financial planners has grown fierce. As more mainland Chinese enter Hong Kong and buy insurance products, many PRC institutions are establishing broker firms in Hong Kong to solicit business from these China clients.

“Moreover, local institutions such as banks and securities brokers also share the same insurance market, together with in-house agents of insurance companies and independent insurance brokers, those increasing the number of competitors. Clients should therefore carefully choose their financial planning advisors,” Leung says.

Samuel Leung (R), CEO of Venhouse Financial Planning receives the trophy of excellence from the hands of Glenn Rogers (L), CEO & editor-in-chief of Mediazone Group at Most Valuable Services Awards 2019.

Racing to #1

Venhouse was established in 1987, with 32 years of company history, we have developed some advantages: says Leung.

Firstly, we have a matured administration department for supporting our financial planning consultants and serving our valuable clients. Secondly, as a financial planning consultancy, we have a great variety of products for planning the solutions for our clients’ needs.”

Thirdly, we developed professional financial planning models for identification and analysis of clients’ needs, provision of advice, implementation of solutions and regularly review of the solutions.

Fourthly, we developed our e-Platform, a web-based system, for supporting and assisting the business development of our financial planning consultants, improving the communication and internal control with our financial planning consultants.

Lastly, we developed a comprehensive compliance system and internal control system to pursue professional services and ensure integrity of our company.”

In the near future, we shall enhance our e-Platform to become a more comprehensive system for business development and customer services.

As well, we shall be more focus on after sales services, including policy service and investment advice service. We aim to be the best financial planning service in Hong Kong and we won’t stop until we reach beyond that point.”

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