Super-intelligent technology arrives to take the weight off integrated personnel management, saving users time, effort and reputation. ORBIT CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD ushers in a new era.

Established in 2010, Orbit Consultancy Services Ltd has set a new global benchmark for human resource (HR) management by enhancing organizational performance and efficiency in human resources information systems.

Director Michael Li says: “We proffer best of breed HR solutions that eliminate the need of a dedicated IT team to monitor HR functions continuously, and our organization endows clients with the ability to streamline their HR operations pertaining to the payroll process, performance management, and retaining key employees. The company also has proven expertise in system integration and project implementation services.”

Employee Summary enable the manager to review the sub-ordinates in every aspect

“Our system is a hybrid of cloud and on-premise solution, as Oracle PeopleSoft can be hosted on the customer site, and also on the cloud infrastructure.” – Michael Li

Custom-Built Solutions

“Cloud technology is becoming more and more popular to adopt in HR domains, and it is rare to find a single solution to fit all aspects. Instead, HR nowadays tends to use different applications, and tries to consolidate them into a single platform, thus, they will try to choose partners capable of doing the integration for them, as well as those able to render advice about the latest technology,” observes Li.

“Our system is a hybrid of cloud and on-premise solution, as Oracle PeopleSoft can be hosted on the customer site, and also on the cloud infrastructure.

“Though it can be hosted on cloud, Oracle PeopleSoft is capable to customize according to the client’s specified business process, and the customer is also able to integrate the system to other applications with some commonly used Web Services, i.e. REST, SOAP,” he explains.

Organizational Chart with Dotted Line Management

Giant Steps for HR

“We are young, energetic team, with experienced staff well capable of keeping projects on the right track and always able to meet schedule,” says Li.

“The experience alerts us to the most critical aspects of the project – which is, to understand the client’s need and manage everyone expectations, keeping everyone on the same page and this enhances the chances of the project’s success,” says Li.

“We also aware some popular topics in HR, which we are going to include in our service profiles. First of all being, the HR analytics with Tableau. With the well defined data structure, we are very positive that the true value of the data can be drawn by using the proper analytics tool. The second one is the Robotic Process Automation. Somethings are still tedious to do by HR admin staff. The ‘automated process’ will be the next big topic in HR, before we can move to AI.”

“The HKMVC Services Award is due recognition for our devotion to craft, our passion for HR and our commitment to our customers. It will inspire us to reach for greater heights and stay in the lead to bring best-in-class solutions to our discerning customers.”


  • Certified as Oracle Gold Partner since 2013
  • Implemented their first multi-national HCM project, which help the company to consolidate their HR data from multiple locations in 2015
  • Finished the 1st Oracle PeopleSoft Upgrade Project (from v9.0 to v9.2) in Hong Kong in 2015

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