Tea WG unveils two exquisite offerings for the festive season, the World Voyage Christmas Tea Set and the Lucky Star Tea Set. These labours of love bring to discerning tea tables refined tea flavours best known for delighting palates during the most wonderful time of the year.

The set of stylish visual treats with elegant and artistic packaging creates the perfect gift that will warm hearts and take celebrations to new heights.

Every sip is a true enjoyment. Drunk hot, the pleasant aromas waft through the senses, completing the holidays.

Tea WG’s World Voyage Christmas Tea Set encloses 6 mini tea tins filled with a unique collection of teas flavoured as:

  • Red Christmas Tea – Red Tea (Theine-free)
  • Pomme Prestige Tea – Black Tea
  • Singapore Breakfast Tea – Green Tea & Black Tea
  • Alexandria Tea – Green Tea
  • Okayti Prestige – Black Tea
  • French Earl Grey – Black Tea

Priced at only HK$928, we give this special collection a 9/10 rating for its wide range of unique flavours and meticulously designed packaging.

Tea WG’s Lucky Star Tea Set offers a delightful duo combination of the brand’s exquisite teas flavoured as:

  • Miraculous Mandarin Tea (100g): A Tea WG Tea mélange of warm, rich black tea blended with the fresh tartness of orchard fruits and notes of delicate sweetness. A miraculous and youthful tea of delight.
  • Jasmine Queen Tea (100g): Intoxicating Tea WG Tea jasmine flowers enhance the sparkling elegance of this delicately fashioned green tea.

Priced at only HK$468, we give this special set an 8.5/10 rating for its signature scent and overall pricing value.

Find out more about Tea WG and there products at: twgtea.com or visit their facebook page.