In the fierce battle for consumer attention and brand retention, POAD raises the bar for outdoor advertising. POAD reveals why the company’s ‘solutions approach’ has worked.

Brand awareness in Hong Kong is perhaps the highest in Asia as the territory is home to the biggest spenders on luxury goods. Naturally, the fight for consumer attention and brand retention is at fever pitch with traditional print and electronic media competing with social media, leaving outdoor advertising in a niche of its own.

But, even for that outdoor gap, the nuances are not as simple as just – location. It is a serious business and POAD remains a pioneering force in Hong Kong’s outdoor advertising industry.

“Established in 1988, we have consistently reshaped the city’s advertising landscape by ‘Seeing the Unseen’, combining experience with innovation to provide solutions across a wide spectrum of media including Victoria Harbour sign, billboard, tunnel, taxi, outdoor TV, inflight media, event space and more,” says POAD.

“We generate multimillion-dollar for property owners, tunnel operators, transit operators and the Hong Kong Government. To date, POAD is managing a portfolio of well above HK$5 billion in asset value across Asia Pacific.

“Now we are celebrating our 30 years of achievement. POAD steps forward and realizes ‘Seeing the Unseen’ is our DNA.”

Added Value

“As the recognised market leader over 30 years, we bring together extensive expertise and experience in media asset management, media sales, and sign building to generate synergy, maximising returns on properties for our business partners whilst offering our clients creative and effective use of our channels,” POAD explains.

POAD adds: “At POAD we believe reputation as Hong Kong’s market leader in large-format outdoor advertising is built on the passion and dedication of the company’s most valuable asset – our people. Setting the pace in outdoor advertising, POAD provides advertisers the power by unfolding new medium potentials and endless outdoor advertising possibilities.”

For more than 30 years, POAD’s second-to-none status as Hong Kong’s top-notch outdoor media expert is nowhere more evident than our renowned collection of spectacular harbour signs along Victoria Harbour.

“With our absolute expertise in structural design, government approval acquisition, construction and maintenance, POAD currently offers the majority of branded harbour signs with a total display area over 10,000m2.”

“If you can visualize it. If you can dream it. There is some way to do it. All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – POAD

Unveiling Potential

“We have recently expanded our diverse range of outdoor advertisements to target cinema goers! Advertisers can now deliver their brand message to an engaged and specifically targeted audience with extraordinary audio and visual impact in the movie theatre.

“Looking ahead to our 30 years of seeing, each member has geared up to stretch our competitive edges to achieve even more. Under the interaction of novel technology application, cultural heritage and new opportunity arising from community development, we shall demonstrate our core values of perseverance, insightfulness, reliability and passion to create the most spectacular and the best outdoor solutions to showcase the power of unlimited outdoor advertising.”

Values Matter

“Our primary target is unsurpassable customer satisfaction. We work in the finest detail to discover the most effective use of POAD’s array of outdoor advertising channels. Owing to our extensive knowledge of the outdoor advertising market, companies consistently partner us to embark on the city’s most ambitious campaigns,” POAD says.

“We believe that by embracing our responsibility to the city in which we live, we can have a positive impact on our community. By sharing and encouraging our values through uplifting projects and activities, we aim to assist in a diverse range of issues, from the environment to aiding society’s minorities.”

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