Customers from different industry segments seeking IoT suppliers with capabilities of technology innovation and application including connectivity and data analytics as well as a track record in excellent quality will find it all in COMPUTIME GROUP LTD.

Dr. Owyang King, Executive Director of Computime Group Ltd.

Computime’s story began 45 years ago in Hong Kong, when we first introduced an innovative line of digital timing devices to a major automobile company,” says Dr. Owyang King.

“Soon enough, Computime’s inventions were progressively applied to car dashboards and home appliances, later temperature control arena around the world. We have successfully developed a technology edge and transformed into a solution provider to serve the growing demand in the electronic manufacturing services (“EMS”) industry and Internet of Things (“IoT”) arena,” he adds, speaking of how Computime filled is niche and created a brand name well worth admiring. 

Building on Reputation

“Being proud to be a local Hong Kong growing enterprise, in the year of 2005, we launched our own brand SALUS in setting our foot in UK and the rest of Europe, later in North America, including the US and Canada, to leverage our leading edge technology and innovation,” Dr. King says.

“One of our most remarkable milestones is being listed on the main board in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, where our effort and achievement in the industry were being highly regarded and recognised, and our exposure was spread broader and wider than before.

Today, we are transforming from being a traditional EMS manufacturer to a technology solution provider to secure a more profitable and sustainable future for the Company. We are positive and confident that our innovation will uplift everyday living to another level.”

He adds: “The year of 2018 was a memorable year. We were awarded the Smart Living Gold Award by the HKICT where our IoT application technology was widely recognised.”

“Customers demand more from their suppliers, and one of the main drivers is the time to market responsiveness.”

– Dr. Owyang King

Exceeding Expectations

Dr. King says: “In our industry’s business model, while the cost and service are the major elements in the old days, they are now considered only a minimum requirement. Customers demand more from their suppliers, and one of the main drivers is the time to market responsiveness.”

He add: “The concept of IoT has been considered as a major highlight to digitally connect devices among themselves through the Internet, customers begin to elevate their expectation from the current technology level to an even higher level – the application of IoT integrated solution. Customers from different industry segments are increasingly seeking IoT suppliers with capabilities of technology innovation and application including connectivity and data analytics as well as a track record in excellent quality.”

“We put much effort and resources in research and development of advanced data analytic and wireless connectivity, to ride the wave of the IoT application. In the meantime, we are well–positioned to leverage this increasing market opportunities and relentlessly reach out to new customers globally in turning these opportunities into sustainable business partnerships. These initiatives have already rewarded us with the new sources of revenue and market opportunities.”

Dr. Owyang King, Executive Director of Computime Group receives the trophy of excellence from the hands of Mr. Glenn Rogers, CEO of Mediazone Group at the “Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2019” awards ceremony.

Dr. Owyang King speaks at Mediazone’s TECH TALK: BEYOND 2020 on June 13, 2019 in the Gold Coast Hotel.

Revolutionary ‘Smart Comfort System’

Market players are entering in this new IoT application arena, we do take a step further to differentiate ourselves and exceed the customers’ expectation by offering distinctive solutions on what we are already good at.

For instance, we leverage our expertise in the IoT area by launching the Smart Comfort System under our SALUS brand, which provides energy savings without sacrificing comfort. The System introduces a top level of energy savings by around 25%, best in the same class of products. It automatically regulates indoor temperature, optimizes the use of lights, and monitors electricity consumption of the premises. We also perform our own data analytics and develop our own cloud application platform to support our IoT development. We aim to utilise and combine our expertise and the IoT technique to satisfy the customers’ demand and strengthen our position in the market. That is how we position ourselves and outshine our peers in the area that we are expert in.”

Greater Bay Prospects

Dr. King notes that the Government has an objective to develop the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) into a Silicon Valley of the East. Following the infrastructure built and the network developed, we conceive a positive yet prudent view of the development in GBA and we look forward to bring our innovation in the arena in the near future.

“We have been dedicating in expanding our business in the market, and we do closely observe the opportunities in GBA. In respect of sales channel development and IoT application solution, while we are currently focusing on the huge demand in Europe and the US market, expansion into China is a natural extension of our global strategy along the increasing market and brand recognition gained previously. In terms of continuous enrichment of our R&D and production capabilities, we have been in line with the Government’s vision and plan ahead by contributing technological R&D effort and closely working with various business partners to create opportunities to promote the GBA market and potential in innovation and technology.”

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