Over 20 years of “understanding the true mission” of Hong Kong’s most discerning customers has proved Mr. ARNOLD YEUNG chairman of AMG FINANCIAL GROUP has got what it takes to cater to the astute clients, and more.

Arnold Yeung, Chairman of AMG Financial Group.

Tougher industry regulations, rapidly changing financial markets, Internet-influenced-work force, confused investors and competition from banks are merely a few of the challenges facing the wealth management experts in Hong Kong. But, in a sense, this is nothing new. Nearly 20 years ago when Arnold Yeung founded AMG, Hong Kong was awash with speculators – all wanting to ‘get rich quick’. This spawned a whole army of financial cowboys, born to cater to this lucrative market.

In those early days, Yeung prophesied (in the pages of this very magazine) that the market would eventually see the wheat from the chaff. Investors would see the unstably of their ways and embrace the pragmatic approach AMG was committing to – a steady, controlled, informed wealth management methodology targeted at its client’s long term financial goals.

“Our real business is in growing with satisfied customers – this is the “SHORTEST cut to success.” Arnold Yeung, Chairman of AMG Financial Group

What Investors Need…and Want?

Traditionally, aggressive investors have always wanted to be money jockeys – racing, blindly to financial goals, one after another. Two decades back the economy was far healthier. People had more disposable income, were less investment-savvy (than today) so the territory was fertile ground for the best wealth managers to take root. Alongside, many weeds cropped up too and together the good, bad and ugly basked in the summer they thought would never end.

In Hong Kong, Mr. Yeung set up a financial firm with quite a different agenda. His purpose was simple – to design the most pragmatic wealth management strategy for whomsoever walked though his doors. “I simply want to maximize their reasonable potential for gains while reducing their potential for loss, while leaving margins for unexpected events that may impact the strategy. With this approach, in the long term they either fulfill their target or achieve very close to it, of course sometimes even exceed it. On the way, financial turbulence does not impact them too much because we have prepared for it.”

This simple, customer-centric approach was nearly unheard of then but it hit the sweet spot with serious investors – people who understood the ‘value of foresight’ better than ‘short term success’. Mr. Yeung began building his customer base way back then and what started as a boutique financial advisory firm two decades ago and grew into one of Hong Kong’s largest wealth management companies with a difference, successfully making the case for, integrity.

Consumers Dictate Trends

On the insurance front, increased competition has brought the consumer better cash value and shorter breakeven points. Leading insurers are competing on service standards and many are looking at online-automated/robotic service possibilities. That is not unusual and explained why there are growing number of young talents joining this industry that is full of challenge and prospect.

On the wealth management landscape, we see companies offering their own fund or financial product that is not regulated in Hong Kong. They are also diversifying into the overseas property market arena.”

“In this tightened regulatory environment, transparency is vital and this is why we don’t want to carry un-regulated product. The Internet is educating the consumer everyday and buyers have the power of choice now. People are now more vigilant and conservative in their investment outlook. Coupled with that, regulatory bodies are well for the customer and for Hong Kong as a regional capital for quality financial services, it requires us to work harder within this tighter regulatory framework.”

Sincerity is Crucial

Arnold Yeung: “We offer a one-stop-shop for private and institutional clients based on this guarantee of sincerity of service.”

“As I said from the start, you will earn the business when you grasp the customer’s interest at heart and you can only do that when you see your client as your family. Offer those that you would purchase yourself as customer,” says Yeung, insisting that sincerity of service is the only way forward.

“At the end of the day, it is always the customer to make the choice. We gather the appropriate financial tools and present the best possible solutions for the customer to choose. This is where the bond of trust comes into the picture.”

He explains: “The customer is paying for our industry knowledge, product expertise, views on financial market trends and experience in risk management. Customers want to buy products in their interest and not ours. This happens with trust that takes time to build upon. We understand that particularly in this business referrals matter. Our real business is in growing with satisfied customers – this is the “SHORTEST” cut to success.”

Greater Challenges

As every wealth manager will agree, curbing customer excitement is easier said than done. Investors are always looking for the quick buck and today, we have to deal with enquiries about crypto currencies and speculation on precious metals prices etc, Mr. Yeung says.

“Often we risk losing the business because the investor wants to take risks on un-regulated products and we don’t agree. We see it as our duty to do the right thing and safeguard them. It is undesirable if they don’t listen but at the end of the day we have to stay on the path we started at – the foundation of AMG – to do our best for our client, hand on heart, true to our conscience and that’s all that matters for us. This is our pledge to all our customers overseas and local. We are seeing a growing increase in China and overseas clients coming to live and work in Hong Kong. This is the new reality. They have great expectations of our expertise and we have to serve them just as well. At the end of the day AMG moved ahead only by being true to our principles, our convictions. This philosophy extends through all sectors of our business from insurance, to wealth management to trust and estate planning etc. We offer a one-stop-shop for private and institutional clients based on this guarantee of sincerity of service, and of course, our professional knowledge and experience as well. If there is a formula for AMG’s success, this is it,” Mr. Yeung concludes.

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知識煉就智慧 客戶增長的金鑰匙



越趨嚴緊的監管,瞬息萬變的市場,受着互聯網影響而感到困惑的投資者,與銀行的激烈競爭,種種都是對香港財富管理專業面對的挑戰。不過,這都不是甚麼新鮮事。早在二十年前楊學超先生成立安柏的時候,香港就已經充斥着希望「一夜致富」的投機者。大量金融業界 “非常積極人士”也因以迎合市場的需要而應運而生。





以客為先這簡單做法雖然在當時可算新鮮事,但卻能打動認真的投資者。我們的客戶重視長遠利益,而不會把目光放在短期回報上。楊先生在很久之前就把顧客群建立起來,由一家精品理財顧問公司 (boutique financial advisory firm)發展成以誠信見稱的一站式財富管理公司,其規模更是全港數一數二。





「只有客戶滿意,我們的業務才得以真正發展,這是達致成功的最佳“捷徑”。」- 楊學超,安柏環球金融集團創辦人








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