NASSER KHAN founded NU LIFE 28 years ago – a concept based on body-wise nutrition and prevention before cure. Here’s why it succeeded, often against all odds.

Nasser Khan, Founder.

Cash-rich Hong Kong has always been awash with health foods and tonics with price tags rivaling their tall claims on fancy labels. While, the switched-on consumer is always willing to try new concepts, products have a short time to prove themselves – deliver on promises.

Spotting this niche for sincerity in nutrition and freshly-made science-based tonics, Nasser Khan founded Nu Life – a concept based on fresh, all natural ingredients brought together to bring daily, life-enhancing products to a discerning market.

Nu Life’s product range includes a wide range of well-known natural ingredients from ginseng to turmeric, from fish oils to berries, offering body and mind enhancing product suitable for all ages.

“We have always sold by word-of-mouth because it is the most effective way.”

– Nasser Khan

Nasser Khan (Middle) founder of Nu Life International (Asia) Limited receives the trophy of excellence at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2019.

Proof Before Claim

“We sell only products we use ourselves,” says Nasser Khan, founder of Nu Life. “The ingredients we use come from many parts of the world and are known health-enhancing natural products that we use our own formulas to create tonics, edibles and potions from keeping in mind the body’s daily nutrition needs. All our offerings have the required nutritional information and expiry date printed on them and are tested and certified by recognized laboratories,” says Khan.

“We have always sold by word-of-mouth because it is the most effective way. People should only sell what they know to have worked for themselves. This is how Nu Life has grown. It delivers more than it claims.”

Nu Life’s products are certified by labs around the world like EUROFIN, to ensure there are no traced of contaminants. In Hong Kong certification is done by HKSTC – a testing lab than focuses on quality control according to sandards accepted by the USFDA, says Khan.

He adds, that Nu Life has partnered with the Institute of Functional Nutrition – which has Health Risk Assessment Centres in Hong and China.

“Our concept rests on a holistic approach which is why the institute’s nutritionists recommend their clients to use our products.”

Growing China Market

“The China market for internationally tested, proven and consumer-referred products is still nowhere near mature in China so the potential is explosive. All that is required is a consistent, proactive strategy and this is our mission,” says Khan, adding that though China is not a market without difficulties, it is well worth investing in, if only because consumers there are just as deserving of life-enhancing, healthy, natural products.

“An ageing population, the rising costs of medical care and the increasing costs of living make the case for staying healthy. This is why our business is more about keeping people healthy, than making profits,” says Khan.

“Yes, there are challenges to this business model especially when it rests on the freshness of perishables. But, we spare no expenses on flying in fresh ingredients, testing where necessary, storing at the right temperature and ensuring our customers get what they pay for. We have to ensure the effectiveness of our products simply because people have to use them before they sell them.”

Khan hopes to take Nu Life public in about 4 years and should that happen more people will be able to enjoy Nu Life not merely as a concept but as a trusted way of living life to the fullest and healthiest.   

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