Customers want solutions-based, timeless, functional and user-friendly designs, says MENDY WONG and VINCENT PANG.

Mendy Wong, Co-founder & Head of Business Management.

Hong Kong’s multidimensional interior design industry is facing the most challenging era in history, says Mendy Wong, Co-founder & Head of business management, and Vincent Pang, Head of Design, Nomad Interior Design Ltd.

No stranger to challenge, Mendy and Vincent are recognised voices in the industry and their work is well regarded amongst the territory’s best. The issue though is more than just quality of design or flexibility, or understanding the

customer’s needs. Today’s competing factors revolve around ‘space’ management because customers have smaller spaces.

The main challenge is to present designs that will suit the changing workflow of a multi-purpose home, commercial or retail space. Another challenge is technology. Fintech for example, is changing the workflow of the finance industry so how does agile design merge or compliment technology and enhance the overall look and feel of the space designed. These are clear and real challenges the industry has to overcome and we know there are no easy answers.

Blending of Elements

“An overall solution can only be achieved by a smart blending of elements like lighting, colours, shapes and style and of course a total service attitude on the part of the designer,” Mendy says.

“Clients want suggestions, ideas but they also want choice. Working with a client in a way is also about handling expectations. Designing with shrinking spaces and expanding needs means we as designers have to establish a clearer understanding of our client’s objectives.

After that, the first step it to present a design style to suit the purpose of the space and ensure practicality. Then, we proceed to discuss the overall colour and style. The lighting must also match the overall environment and do a good job of space allocation. Finally, make sure the overall style is consistent with the overall flow, look and feel of the space,” Mendy explains.

“We exceed expectations by completing before schedule and delivering that ‘wow’ factor,” Mendy Wong, Co-founder & Head of Business Management

How to Amaze Customers!

Vincent Pang, Head of Design and Co-founder of Nomad Interior Design Ltd. speaks at Mediazone’s Disruptive Innovation Form 2020.

“In keeping with design trends, our designers visit different exhibitions to develop a sense of evolving design, understand the background and preferences of customers, and design in line with the customer’s design policy”, says Vincent.

“Nomad will also use the actual situation on the scene as a blueprint to work with customers to choose the most suitable design style.” He adds: “With

the development of portable technology, in addition to the smart devices and accessories that show up in Nomad’s design, regardless of the size of the customer, we use the most updated drawing software to illustrate the design appearance clearly, making it easier for customers to grasp the design direction and project progress and ensure that it is completed on time and perfectly.”

What Clients Demand, Today!

Today’s client is also growing more socially aware and sustainability is the way forward for many industries, Vincent notes.

“Using environmentally friendly materials, adding renewable energy features to design elements, and using technology to contribute to environmental protection are on the ‘to-do’ list today. Looking for a reliable smart electronics supplier to inject new elements into Nomad is what we are doing now.”

This is why global brands like Decathlon’s trust us. Nomad was fortunate to have been selected from amongst many European contractors to be responsible for Decathlon’s Hong Kong project, becoming the first Asian contractor with Decathlon.

The largest project located in the flagship store of Tseung Kwan O with an area of more than 72,000 feet. In order to protect the interests of guests, the plan must be completed within 10 weeks. The project includes stores, office locations, and locations for flagship stores to interact with guests with many kinds of sport training class.

“We created functional and highly practical stores, combining the above elements, completing the project on time within 10 weeks, and creating the best shopping environment for guests. This is what we call the Nomad experience.

We exceed expectations by completing before schedule and delivering that ‘wow’ factor,” concludes Mendy.

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