“Every person is a brand, and has a unique story to tell. Our mission is to help people to take charge of their personal brand, earn the income and respect they deserve, and stand out with their authenticity!” — Tracy Ho, Founder & Managing Director of Frame & Fame

FRAME & FAME specializes in personal brand narrative and portraits creation, executive communication coaching, CliftonStrengths-based personal brand coaching, LinkedIn profile upgrade, brand strategy, and content creation to help clients improve their presence, build a better reputation and fast track their career goals. “Clients trust us to help them build an impactful personal brand to get the ideal job, earn the income and respect they deserve,” says Tracy.


Frame & Fame is the first Personal Branding firm in Hong Kong and Asia. Our consulting and coaching services are tailored to support C-suite and senior executives, corporate managers, and entrepreneurs who want to be trusted and be seen as a successful leader by their clients, staff, investors, partners and other stakeholders.

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