Changing customer demographics are compelling luxury brands in Hong Kong to rethink their look with a view to exceeding the expectations of their discerning customers’ shopping experience, says KATHERINE LI, Founder and director of STUDIO PLUS LTD.

Katherine Li, Founder & Director.

The market for interior design in Hong Kong is as wide and varied as the number of designers competing for a slice of it. The key to unlock the door to the premium slice of the market though is in differentiation and specialization. One company who seems to have got it right is Studio Plus Limited (SPL) founded in 2009 with a strong vision to inject the idea of branding and retail strategies into architecture and interior designs.

The brain child of local designer Katherine Li, the company has built an enviable reputation much thanks to its many clients.

“We hope to create a larger impact visually and expand the understanding of branding design three dimensionally for our clients to boost their retail exposures, strengthen corporate identity, or enhance corporate cultures; whereby most other traditional architectural and interior design firms taking their focus on project type approach instead,” says Li.

“While adding value to our client’s projects, our focus on branding design also allows SPL to diversify our portfolio and client base.” Katherine Li, Founder and Director of Studio Plus Limited

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: ‘The BASE’ – Entrepreneurship Centre.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: School of Engineering.

Competitive One-Stop-Shop

“The main services of our target market requires creative branding design as well as professional consultancy services for the execution of the approved concept for the delivery of a real physical environment.

While being creative, we focus on providing our design package, tender documents, construction drawings as well as project management services to ensure that the end product being delivered on time, with exceptional quality and within budget. We also offer alternative designs to facilitate any cost engineering requirement or special request from our Clients. Our finished products reflect 100% of the design intent and their expectations.

“We are creative yet flexible to meet clients’ needs and expectations. We provide a one-stop turn-key service and our team comprises different talent for the complex operations on each project stage as well as individual project type. Our company structure allows us to provide customer services with extra care while maintaining our fees slightly below our rivals, too.”

Injecting the concept of Branding into Interior and Architecture Design proves fresh approach for KATHERINE LI, creator of STUDIO PLUS LTD. Discover the value in her thinking, shared only on Taipan Time with business talk show host GLENN ROGERS at Mediazone’s HKMVC Awards in Hong Kong.

Added Value

Since our previous appearance in HKMVC, we have proudly injected the Branding Design approach into institutional projects for various Departments at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as well as Alteration and Additional works for Towngas Telecom Data Centre.

In year 2019, SPL has taken our foothold back into the luxury retail industry and have created a new Retail Branding Concept for the flagship store of Oriental Watch Company on Queens Road Central as well as a corporate projects for Puyi Optical that reflects the retailer Puyi’s store branding into their corporate space to enhance their employees sense of belonging on the brand and their corporate culture.

Extensive architectural detail and supreme building materials have been carefully designed and applied to these luxurious sectors. Our design concept also carefully speaks about the Brand and the products and services that our Client’s are providing. Our Clients were exceptionally delighted with the outcomes due to the positive changes while their heritage was being preserved.   

Towngas Telecom Hong Kong Data Centre 2 at TKO Industrial Estate, Hong Kong.

“Will-Do” Attitude

“In terms of service network, SPL has started working with Retailers on their expansion into the China Region market and we look forward to expand our foothold in the industry in the Greater China, Taiwan, Japan and South East Asia Regions. We are also looking into expanding our service network as well as recruiting talent in China and our Hong Kong Headquarter shall act as the knowledge transfer base for the development of our future extension arms.

In addition, we are incorporating higher technologies and digital medias into our designs, such as AR and VR applications.  Customers can also expect more of our design innovation taking use of advance materials and products that are available in the Greater China region, in addition to the internationally sourced items. Sustainable design is also key for our future development and we aim to be able to introduce new methods and creative ideas while protecting the earth’s resources.

We are problem solvers and our service philosophy focuses on providing the best solutions to fulfill our Clients’ needs. We execute all our project with integrity, trust, honesty and a will-do spirit while acting professionally with our Clients, vendors, contractors, and any encounters.

Although our day-to-day activities focus on the architectural and interior design services, we have carefully positioned our firm to focus on branding design. While adding value to our client’s projects, our focus on branding design also allows SPL to diversify our portfolio and client base. Being able to diversify our scope of services and type of projects with out of the box ideas and professional track records are keys to expend our market share in Hong Kong.

One of the latest projects from Studio Plus Limited: flagship store of Oriental Watch Company on Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong.

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