Offering Hong Kong companies the solutions they need in an increasingly technology-driven business arena is a challenge that BIB SOLUTIONS LTD has risen to amidst market applause. Its CEO, LEO SHAM explains.

Leo Sham, CEO.

BIB Solutions team offer its customers the services of professionals who specialize in various IT fields, says Leo Sham, the company’s CEO.

“Through effective communication skills, we have tailored a complete marketing strategy by understanding the background and needs of individual clients, such as providing various technology services, brand-building services, network security solutions, online marketing strategies (social media platform, SEO & SEM), offline promotional activities, etc. We collect different activity data to study user’s behavior patterns, enhance the effectiveness of the program and analyze data with customers during different stages,” he explains.

“BIB solutions is committed to solving technical problems and saving labor costs for our customers, allowing them to focus on core business operations.”

Strategic Approach

“Our mission is to step forward and strive to be better in order to serve our customers better.

Brand-building is the first step of every project. We first meet up with the customer to have a better understanding of the concepts and objectives behind the business.

After a comprehensively analyses of the scale, characteristics, marketing position and resources of the company, we will communicate and develop a project blueprint for customers in order to adjust our development strategy and schedule milestones,” he says.

He adds: “During the cooperation process, we will keep in close contact with our customers to adjust the marketing strategies of each media platforms and review the relevant technical services.

We then report the relevant data to the client and review the effectiveness continuously, so as to proceed to the next stage.”   

“BIB solutions is committed to solving technical problems and saving labor costs for our customers, allowing them to focus on core business operations.” –  Leo Sham

Empowering Brands

“Our best project till date will be FreshGo with the following reasons:

Our customer comes from the Aberdeen Fish Market, and hopes to transform Hong Kong’s traditional seafood industry from offline to online which is challenging,” says Sham.

“The project was conceived from scratch as we need to visit the fish market personally to understand the operation, assist in planning the conference, cooperate with Alibaba for marketing and handle all other large-scale media interviews.”

“In addition to being creative, we need to study the existing habits of consumers and consider public acceptance (we launched the live-picking function which makes the online shopping experience closer to the original personal one). In order to overcome operating restrictions, we created advantages for the new business models (such as a 24-hour, door-to-door delivery service).”

“We undertook a complete brand-building exercise involving the designing of a new packaging which gets rid of the old-fashion image of traditional seafood and refreshing the image with other function. We also initiated the cooperating with Alibaba for marketing and promotion purposes and were interviewed by TVB for the special program named 創科導航 (Channel TVB Finance J5).”

Expansion Scope

“Hong Kong has close ties with China and many customers want to expand their business into the mainland market. To meet the needs of our clients, we are committed to providing appropriate marketing solutions that expend different market, not only limited to China,” says Sham.

“Believe In Better is our operational motto, which means: Each solution has been carefully designed and considered to meet the fundamental needs of customers.

Through continuous communication with customers during the cooperation process, we will adjust the details and direction to grow together with our customers keep abreast of the latest technological developments and find more suitable solutions for customers.”

“The concept of BIB Solutions is ‘quality over quantity’,” he says.

“We will try our best to perfect every project and provide qualified service, so as to build a good reputation and establish long-term cooperation relationship with customers. We also look forward to building a customer recommendation,” he concludes.

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