Online trading is taking on new meaning thanks to the will and vision of  DOUGLAS CHAN, Chairman of eBroker Group Ltd.

Douglas Chan, Chairman.

Trading platforms are a-plenty in the region but the keys to these remain technological sophistication, user-friendliness, real-time and cyber security. Hong Kong’s eBroker Group Ltd offers all that and more says Douglas Chan, Chairman.

A technocrat himself, Chan is no stranger to customer expectations of new technology and has tailor-made e-Broker Ltd to deliver on promises.

“We offer a wide range of Fintech solution for our broker clients to serve investors. The solution services range from trading execution, fund management, wealth management, credit control, risk management, cyber security, etc,” says Chan.

“The needs of our clients and investors are increasingly sophisticated and varied whereas stock exchanges in other countries have kept on introducing new trading platforms and products from time to time,” he notes.

Tailor-Made Solutions

“We offer software solutions that can be packaged to fit clients’ requirements. In particular, our comprehensive solution services allow us to compete with financial technology services providers in Hong Kong as we are able to customize our solution services to cater for the needs of different clients in order to (i) optimize and improve investment performance; (ii) optimize and improve trade execution process efficiency; (iii) reduce execution cost; (iv) improve global market connectivity; (v) meet regulatory requirements; and (vi) increase value from IT and market data budget,” explains Chan, describing his company’s strengths.

“We are an experienced financial technology solution provider with technological expertise to serve the changing needs, preferences and requirements of our clients. Our software solution services are designed to, among other things, facilitate our clients to automate their business functions so as to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations by using our software solution services.”

24/7 Service On-the-Go!

“As smartphone and tablets adoption increases significantly, online investing is a “must have” item for investors. Individuals are becoming increasingly accustomed to using mobile devices to access financial services including payments, online banking, lending, and wealth management services. Investors can place an order anytime at anywhere. It is just too convenience to the investors to put everything online. Transactions will be more efficiency and transparent, operation will be smoother.”

Chan says: “We are a market innovator in the financial technology sector. We have launched, upgraded and maintained our software solution services applicable in the financial technology market over the years.

We are committed to providing quality software solutions for our clients, and emphasise on providing after-sale and maintenance services for our software applications and services.”

“This is merely a small step in long and exciting journey that awaits. We are building not just a company but rather a much-awaited and much needed resource. Alongside we are building a reputation.” – Douglas Chan, Chairman

Growing Digital Influence

“We will keep ourselves closely abreast of the latest technological development in the financial technology market and continue to compete in the financial technology market through provision of new solution services with high potential growth.”

“We foresee the need — from the wealth management industry to adopt automation to provide services that align with the emerging digital influence within the financial services sector — will increase as the implementation of financial technology solutions will enable them to operate their business more efficiently.”

“We are using the latest technology for two factor authentication for the investors to access the online trading platform or mobile application. Investors need to bind a mobile device as a second factor authentication to approve the login to the online trading. All online data will be encrypted. This is merely a small step in long and exciting journey that awaits. We are building not just a company but rather a much-awaited and much needed resource. Alongside we are building a reputation.”

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