“My success secret is simple. I like to learn new innovations and apply them to our clients’ projects to create a unique design.” — Annie Chan, Director of AnI Interiors Limited

“Our clients opt to use our services because we spend a lot of time helping them deal with many small details during the entire process of the fitting out work. This is the extra value we provide for our clients since they do not have the time and expertise to see all the small details that make a big difference to the projects. We not only help clients save their valuable time but also help in saving money by searching for products that offer the best value and match for the design they would like to achieve.”

“We see big demand from the Greater China market due to the continued growth of China’s economy. Furthermore, the taste of China’s consumers are changing in a big way because they travel and get inspiration for their desired design from the various places they visit. They prefer to work with design companies with a strong Hong Kong root because of the world class ideas and services our local design industry offers. This is the trend, so we are planning to further expand our business in the China market in 2020.” Annie says.

ABOUT AnI Interiors Limited As the real estate market was hot and growing, the interior renovation market was growing too in the past many years, so AnI Interiors Limited was found in 2010 to catch the trend. The demand was increasing since many people reach the stage of marriage or building a family in recent years, so this interior design industry is growing well.

For additional information, please visit: www.ani.com.hk

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