Yes, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables can now be delivered straight to your door step thanks to Japanese entrepreneur-visionary DAIJU TAKAHASHI.

Daiju Takahashi, President, Oisix Hong Kong.

Hong Kong grows very little fresh produce and imports the bulk of its fresh foods. These are often frozen for months and what is being sold as fresh, isn’t really fresh at all. At best, it is simply freshly, unpacked. 

Entrepreneur Daiju Takahashi, president of Oisix Hong Kong hit upon the idea of providing fresh produce from Japan to Hong Kong consumer’s doorstep.

“We started our service in Hong Kong in 2009 inspired by Hong Kong consumers’ need for ensuring food safety and enjoying everyday food. Given our experience in delivering safe and delicious vegetable and fruits directly to customers’ doorstep in Japan, we thought we should contribute to fulfilling the same needs in other parts of the world, especially in neighboring markets,” says Takahashi.      


“Our method to deliver our products to our customers in the freshest condition is, actually, NOT to store. That is, we first receive customer orders, then place orders to farmers, and then receive and deliver products to Hong Kong customers’ doorstep in the fastest way possible from Japan. It is a completely different model from other supermarkets that store products in their storage.”

Healthy Choice

“We believe that safe and delicious food should be reachable for more people, and strive to realize that in Hong Kong by expanding our service. In order to do so, we will increase our brand recognition by collaborating with other off-line (real) stores and services such as organic shops, cooking class, and fitness gyms. In terms of geography, we offer our service to entire Hong Kong, including customers that have difficulty in access to natural and organic high-quality products.

In terms of information, since we are online-based, we provide rich information on every single product, including who produced, where, with what method, as well as nutrition or ingredients”

We believe that safe and delicious food should be reachable for more people, and strive to realize that in Hong Kong by expanding our service.” – Daiju Takahashi, President, Oisix Hong Kong.

Meal-Kits for Convenience

“We offer our online supermarket platform both for PC and smart phone. Given that more and more orders come from smartphone, we will incessantly improve our website usability and user experience to best suit smartphone usage.

“In Japan, the fastest-growing product category we offer is meal-kit, that is, recipe, ingredients, and condiments are packaged together in a kit so that customers can enjoy safe and delicious food at home more conveniently. We will consider offering meal-kit products that best meet Hong Kong customers’ needs.”

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