There is no road map to navigate the vast cyber space ocean but veteran digital marketing firm MADCRADLE ONLINE LTD is proving a hot favourite partner for Hong Kong’s smartest companies. Here’s why.

Patrick Wong, Managing Director.

The straight-talking Co-founder and Managing Director of one of Hong Kong’s leading digital marketing companies Madcradle Online Ltd is not shy to tell it as it is.   

“Concrete insights are something ceremoniously appreciated by clients. An apt digital marketing specialist is able to empathize and understand pain points of a business. There is nothing more valuable than insights supported by actionable measures. Specialists should be able to carry out industry-specific research and analysis, while continuously optimizing advertising performance,” he says when asked about what expectations the market has of his industry.

Solutions that Work!

Wong is an astute digital expert, a keen industry observer and a pragmatist. He knows the importance of value-added services, world-of -mouth advertising and continuous improvement. Speaking about the power of advertising/promotion campaigns he says, “we believe a successful creative campaign is where the story meets strategies. Ideas must be supported by practical execution, or they are not worth anything. A marketing campaign can only flourish with constant business reporting, analysis, and insights accompanied by valid actionable solutions.”

Madcradle offers high account servicing levels to integrate clients’ online and offline campaigns to meet their business goals.

“It is important to note that digital marketing is not a robotic, one-way process. While our platforms are technology-based, the ultimate goal is to connect people to a business owned and run by other people. It’s all about human connection. Therefore, Madcradle Online invests copious manpower to create humanized and personalized ad campaigns.”

“It’s all about human connection. We invests copious manpower to create humanized and personalized ad campaigns.” – Patrick Wong, Managing Director

Leading Trends, Setting Benchmarks

Personalized content marketing, for sure, is king, says Wong. “The future is private. After the rapid development of social media and share of information, people’s online behaviors are steadily returning to a more private module. We believe conversational marketing is the new trend. Consumers desire a personalized conversation with a business before making up their mind. The emergence of New Retail models ensures that O2O marketing becomes the key player in business-consumer communication. With the rise of 5G technology, more diverse and tailor-made content could be delivered as a seamless experience. Technology advancement allows us to predict preferences and behaviors accurately, utilizing means such as VR, AR, chatbot, and any form of programmatic ad with behavioral tracking and targeting.”

How to Hit Bull’s Eye!

Digital integration is a key factor, Wong says. “Madcradle Online integrates our core pillars of creativity, media strategies, and technology into every campaign, hitting bullseyes for all client targets. The market has no shortage of digital marketing agencies offering extensive scopes of services in the industry. We must make the right balance between value and cost by providing a tailor-made service plan at the most optimal price.”

“One of our reasons for success is that we recognize the necessity in talent acquisition. We not only actively seek out “creative brains”, but our resident talents are also certified professionals in key platforms such as Google and Facebook.”

Patrick Wong, Managing Director of Madcradle Online Ltd receives the trophy of excellence on stage with his team at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2020 Awards.

Sky’s the Limit!

“In our business, we employ our “SKY” mentality – we provide the best Service our clients can have, offer professional digital marketing Knowledge, and achieve the maximum Yield. It is our formula for success,” Wong explains.

“To better sum up our philosophy: ‘More Into Digital Marketing’. This slogan can be interpreted in many ways, but the main takeaway is that we are on top of the game. We are “into” digital marketing, and we invest all our efforts into revolutionizing the industry. In operation, we always go the extra mile for all clients. Each new contract is more than just business to us. We consider each individual case to be a new challenge; a new opportunity. It’s not just about helping our clients, because we are growing with our clients too.

“Spurred on by our success, Madcradle Online will continue to pioneer a path in integrated digital marketing with our MAD endeavor. We strive to be the change and Make Marketing and Advertising Different.”

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