Selling accuracy to social media marketers is proving a silver bullet for many brands keen on targeting various online demographics. KEN CHEUNG presents a solutions-based approach.

Ken Cheung, Digital Director.

KREW Ltd is a big data-oriented social media and digital agency. “Established for only 20 months, we’ve already received two awards in the Marketing Excellence Awards 2019 as a recognition of our unwavering efforts,” said Ken Cheung, the firm’s digital director.

“Since our establishment, we’ve acquired more than 30 active clients from the hands of 4As giants and top 5 digital agencies. Most agencies placed most of their effort on pitching but the least effort to provide post-buy or campaign reports,” says Cheung.

“At KREW, we provide an exclusive monthly report for every social media retainer client,” he says adding that these contain detailed analysis of fans/interactors’ persona and social media behaviour.

“Our standard reports are unique in the local market. We keep optimizing creative concepts, media planning strategies and KOL co-operations from the insights generated from our own tool. On average, 50-200% engagement and ROI were improved.”   

Made for the Market

“In our experience, clients often question the effectiveness of digital and social media marketing, especially the relevance of social engagement to one’s business. We believe that Big Data should be the answer and can play a core role in the entire advertising planning process.

“However, we’ve noted that the existing social tools can only get the basic metrics, which are far from enough. Thus, we’ve developed KREWatch, our own tool to dig out social insights, especially user behaviors. With this pioneering tactic, we’re proud to boast of ourselves as the first Big Data-driven social media agency in Hong Kong.”

Cheung says: “We provide a comprehensive range of solution services, such as social media marketing, digital marketing, video production and analytics, which is our 2nd revenue driver. Our core clients include Henderson, Sun Hung Kai, SOGO, Shun Hing and Samsonite.

“Besides KREWatch, we’re eager to develop more analytical products and tools to further enhance our service. To leverage our content analysis capability, we are planning to launch a new digital media platform in Q1 2020. We aim at providing interesting content that primarily targets consumers with high purchasing power. Benefiting from our own tool KreWatch, we would formulate our content strategies based on the findings from our KreWatch analysis.”

“Our methodology fills the gaps of existing social listening tools with a more effective quantitative approach.” – Ken Cheung, Digital Director

Big Data Platform

Who would be our target audience? What are their interests? Which media channels should we employ? Why should we use this creative idea? “Over the last 10 years our founders have spent in the industry, these are the frequently asked questions that they found difficult to answer and elaborate at times. Hence, we’ve decided to get to the bottom by grounding our beliefs using Big Data and analyzing the persona for every client.

“We’ve designed our very own big data platform based on the common queries of clients. Our self-developed tool KREWatch can clearly demonstrate a client’s potentials and its existing audience’s social media and digital behaviors. Our methodology fills the gaps of existing social listening tools with a more effective quantitative approach. Essentially, we’ve managed to convert insights into powerful actions and ultimately achieve outstanding results.

“As for a consumer electronics campaign, we’ve generated a strategy solely based on the target audience preference, from character selection, video storyline to media channels for content dissemination. We’ve achieved an extraordinary result that is 200% more than the KPI.

“It’s undeniable that digital marketing is gaining significance, prompting brands and clients to place more annual budgets in this area. We believe that staying creative is the key to success. Whether we’re formulating creative strategies, or developing analytics prototypes, we think out of the box in order to keep our business competitive.”

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