“Our China Data Desk will help you reach the right audience with best-in-class China data assets.” — Mia Chen, Co-Founder & CEO of OctoPlus Media Global Limited

Engage your best audience with valuable China insights.

OctoPlus has been providing super targeted audience data segments empowered by our payment partners (UnionPay), Ecommerce partners (JD, Alibaba), LBS signals (China Unicom), Travel data (China OTAs and Airlines). With hyper-targeted audience and marketing tech, it improves our client’s advertising efficiency greatly.

OctoPlus is a one-stop WeChat EcoSystem provider, official partner of WeChat. “We offer services from WeChat OA creation, OA content management, mini-programs to WeChat pay. We have helped many Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and Singapore clients to successfully managed their WeChat official account, built ecommerce mini programs and CRM systems to communicate with their Chinese customers,” Mia says.

ABOUT OctoPlus OctoPlus is a marketing technology company focused on China inbound and outbound marketing. We specialize in targeting Chinese travellers throughout their decision journey from pre-travel planning to during travel in host country to post-travel back home, and we also specialize in China’s cross-border ecommerce marketing.

For additional information, please visit: www.octoplusmedia.com

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