‘Together we are stronger,’ seems the success formula of Training for Life as entrepreneur CHRIS YEUNG creates near-magical synergy in the workplace and out of it. An amazing story of will and vision over limitations!

Chris Yeung, Founder and Director

Hong Kong’s corporate training is usually boardroom stuff much of which succeeds to varying degrees but few corporate coaches succeed as well as Chis Yeung, with his Training for Life (TFL) – a life-based, talent development and performance benchmarking programme that’s making waves in Hong Kong.        

Power of Experience

“At TFL, our mission is to unleash and expand your potential through challenge and adventure-setting experiences. We help people’s to experience, explore and understand more about themselves and the people and things around them,” says Yeung.

“We inspire your team to become high performance executives through various team-based challenges like rope courses, abseiling, hiking, kayaking, sailing and other adventure activities.”

Creating a Positive Mind-set

“TFL will be your company’s training partner every step of the way until you reach your goal and beyond. The magic of my programme happens when individuals come together, pool in their strengths and help one another to overcome each other’s weaknesses,” Yeung says.

“This should be great if your group had more than 500 staffs. One of our programmes with the Action Centred Leadership model will inspire your management team and refresh their skills and talent. Your front line staff training will enjoy this breakthrough program and take a  stronger step toward a more forward-looking mindset.”

“The activity is just a training medium or channel to give participants an experience. The learning comes from reflection.” – Chris Yeung, Founder and Director

Guiding with Passion

“As an explorer myself, with the strong mindset of the how to facing the challenges within teams I lead our TFL team to become decisive and stronger in team building, with everyone of us willing to try and step out our comfort zone. TFL trainers are passionate in training and regular to join professional training to improve the knowledge and skill to maintain the programme’s value and safety.”

Yeung adds: “We create tailor-made programmes to suit each individual client’s corporate requirements to ensure maximum impact. Our motto is to unleash and expand your potential. We believe that everyone is unique and has potential. Through adventure experiences, challenges, training and impact. TFL’s participants can develop their potential and strengths, learn to care for themselves, and love others and care for nature, and trigger the infinite possibilities of people.”

“TFL helps people to develop through challenges, comprehensive value, with group sharing and reflection. Guided by experiential learning, through adventure experiential training, create a challenging platform for different participants to experience.

Training for Life receives the trophy of excellence on stage at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Companies Awards in Hong Kong 2020.

From Failure Comes Success

“Through our experience-based training and development process, we make your team more aware of the importance of teamwork and potential growth of the individual and how to cultivate establish better relationships in teamwork development to achieve the team goals.

“The characteristics of our courses are rooted in group exploration. During the experience of the activities and challenge, TFL instructors observe the participants’ performance and help participants to share their experiences with each other, and guide the learning focus from sharing to connecting with different methods to promote the team and leadership elements. The course of activity may not always be successful, but it should be kept in mind that there is also unlimited reflection from failure. The activity is just a training medium or channel to give participants an experience. The learning comes from reflection.”

For additional information, please visit www.trainingforlife.com.hk

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