Few companies offer the range of skill-sets, agility, technology and know-how to make your brand shine in the every-expansive digital galaxy. JASON WONG, Managing Partner of MWI HK LTD explains the value of being innovative and strategically proactive.

MWI Hong Kong at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Awards 2020.

Every company knows the immense value of digital marketing but there are few pointers that enable them to choose the right partner to help them navigate the internet superhighway. To their credit, it isn’t an easy task – choosing from a growing number of marketing agencies promising the earth but delivering little.

Managing Partner of MWI HK Ltd, Jason Wong is no stranger to the market. Well regarded for his creative approach and market flair, he has his finger on the pulse of the market.

“Customers are looking for reliable digital partners who not only can achieve their project goals and company KPIs, but to fuel them with constructive creativity that can make their project fly!” he says.

He explains: “Three valuable digital services that any company would need in order to compete against the players out there: First, SEO content marketing. You can hire the best technical SEO agency out there, but only when you continue to generate high quality content for your website, blog and outreaching to acquire backlinks from relevant sites, can you keep up with the SEO game. We have one of the best SEO content teams in HK. There are multiple successful projects with MNC and brands.”

“Second is – Paid Media lead generation. Instead of just bidding digital ads driving ‘clicks’ and “traffic” for clients, our team goes one step further to help with achieving clients’ end goal: driving leads and sales conversion. With this mindset, clicks and traffic won’t be the objective. Instead, we oversee a project with an end-to-end sales funnel to design and plan for a conversion-focus campaign for clients. Each step, copy, visual, targeting setup, tracking pixels, landing pages, content, they all matter!”

Thirdly – Social Media management. Instead of posting regular posts and cruising with it, our creative team goes one step further. We work on competitive analysis, personas and relook at the overall brand message. There are a few successful cases where we turn the page around with sparkling visuals and content which helps building a targeted audience base on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,” he explains. 

“Only when you continue to generate high quality content for your website, blog and outreaching to acquire backlinks from relevant sites, can you keep up with the SEO game.” – Jason Wong

Biting the Bullet

The hardest part is that most clients have no clue where to find their targeted audience,” Wong points out. “They have no idea how digital marketing works as well. If you want to reach your potential customers, you should first understand what their real interest is. What are they constantly searching on Google? What do they talk about on forums and social media channels?


  • You have to LISTEN to your customers
  • Find out what interests them
  • Find out where they are, and;
  • Create attractive content that appeals to them

Picking the Right Agency, Isn’t Easy! 

“Let’s talk about clients’ general pain points when dealing with agencies,” suggests Wong.

“First, ‘over promise, under deliver’ seems quite usual. You expect than when you go looking for an agency. It has to do with the sales process all the way to the execution, project management and expectation handling.”

“So,” says Wong, “instead of separating execution and account management team from the sales process, we integrate them so from the top of the sales process, we have execution and account management team involved for a best fit proposal. And everyone involved will be accountable for what we have committed our clients.”

“Secondly, high employee turnover rate is an important factor. Clients always come to us and say ‘we used to like this agency until they kept changing AMs and we had to brief them again and again’.”

Speaking on expansion, Wong says, “we have long since, been looking at China and have spent the past few years working closely with partners and ecommerce associations in Shenzhen and Canton province. In 2020, we will continue to work with our partners in China to serve any clients with interest to grow into China and Chinese clients growing overseas from China. Our main priority though is the consolidate our existing business, build on customer loyalty and grow by word-of-mouth.”

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