Asia’s health and wellness market will do well to sit up and admire this wonder from Western Australia. Elixir Jarrah Honey TA 40+ is clearly one of Australia’s highest rankers on the taste and quality charts.

Picture by Michelle Rogers

Attractively packaged and draped in warm summer colours the jar makes an ideal, thoughtful and valuable gift. The flavours of nature of course only waft upward once you twist open the lid and brace to be amazed.

The first few notes are of floral vanilla, lightly smoky cinnamon and caramel as the amber-coloured honey glistened in the morning light. Honey connoisseur or sweet-lover alike you don’t resist dipping in. The creamy golden honey slowly twirls around my spoon as a bouquet of floral aromas burst forth. You taste! Time stops!

The richness is unparalleled. It falls like a soft melody, and travels across the palate like an orchestra with a life of its own. A million flavours dance on the tongue as if showcasing the lives of the flowers and the bees that visited them. I taste the bitter-sweet Aussie bush, the purity of the air and the seas that nurture them. The full-bodied, smooth honey then takes on a more mellow tone as if to suggest that moderation is best and this is a high value, near-medicinal honey that’s to be respected, as much.

Jarrah honey is greater than if not equal to its Manuka cousin and is also used to treat wounds and burns. Ancient civilizations highly prized this high-quality honey as a health tonic, vitality supplement and beauty aid.

I try a teaspoon with Chinese and Western teas. One teaspoon even with freshly ground coffee. The Chinese tea and coffee emerge as good partners for this honey. A spoonful on chilled rich pudding, Japanese sago cream and Indian almond Kulfi go just as well.

This sweet Elixir takes these desserts to new heights.

Just what makes this honey so special?

Picture by Michelle Rogers

“It’s a product of hard-working bees foraging off the bush. Elixir honey comes from our own forest, a 5-hour drive south of Perth,” says Romy Surtees of Elixir Honey & Bush Blossom Balms.

“Our bees get to buzz about in the long sunny days on our ancient continent among blossoms from native trees and bushes such as Jarrah, Banksia , Blackbutt, Bullich, Dryandra, Flooded gum, Hakea, Karri, Mallee, Marri, Mort, Parrot Bush, Peppermint, Powder bark, Redgum, Wandoo, Yate, York Gum & Wildflowers.”

“We sell our honey globally via our website and while opening Asian markets is a gradual process, once people taste our honey they become loyal fans,” says Surtees, adding that the business has always been a family affair and honesty in production remains the product’s hallmark.

“We are proud of the integrity with which we offer our product to our customers. We are mindful of the trust they place in our brand. This is why our honey sells itself. We are a relatively boutique brand but that’s where our charm lies.”

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