A top ranker on the quality charts Arataki Manuka is hard to beat if you’re looking for that rich taste, that quintessentially fragrant flavor that only the most authentic Manuka honey can offer.

From the heart of New Zealand, this brand is a story of love, of compassion, of helpfulness and you can read that story right here – www.aratakihoney.co.nz

Picture by Michelle Rogers

Arataki writes an important chapter in the honey making industry of Oceana particularly in light of the adulterated honey scam that could be winding its way to your table. So, if you’ve been looking for a 100% authentic Manuka Honey along with its tasting notes and gift-value remarks, read on.

Lovers of authentic honey and users of medicinal honey across Asia are scouring the Internet to source true honey for their family and friends, hence this review—to make sure you get what is offered on sale. No surprises! We present the tasting notes of Arataki’s Manuka UMF 20+ (certified monofloral).

No, not all Manuka honey tastes the same. At least not to us. So get ready, wash your tongue, rinse your mouth and uncap that jar. Wait, first impressions first!

Its shiny gold on an understated blue label makes for a grand contrast. Our 250 gm jar looks every bit a gift item but we won’t be gifting it to anyone – not this jar because we’ve opened it. We had to. For you!.

Picture by Michelle Rogers

Melting Miracle!

The first look inside and you get a glimpse of the lovely creamy-looking golden honey. Then comes that rich bouquet of aromas that set the mind adrift and the mouth waters for the first taste. Even before the touch of the tongue, you sense nature’s warm kiss and then it happens…the first taste of this unique gift of nature. Bliss! Sweet caramel, earthy cinnamon, woody vanilla hit you first.

This is the sort of dollop you want to let sit on your tongue and melt away with time. You don’t rush it when Mother Nature whispers. You sit. You listen.

As the goodness melts away, it seems to tell a tale of its own—a tale of the land, birds and the bees and how this gem came into being.

It is a medium sweet, slightly nutty (to the sharper tongue) and a hint of well-balanced but very subtle sweet herbs. Texture is smooth and it melts well, bringing you that velvety experience that distinctly reassures you that you’ve got the real thing – it doesn’t get better than this. Aftertastes linger. Sweet floral. Biscuit, even toffee!

Picture by Michelle Rogers

We try the 5+ with a tall black coffee and it transforms the coffee – taking it to a new level. It does a grand number on Indian chai too. So if you are in India entertaining at a high-table, this jar is what you’re looking for – if you want to make a tasty impression.

For desserts and Chinese cakes, you will find the 5+ an invaluable ally. It will add that richness, floral splash of colour to your sweet creations.

We would not recommend the use of the 20+ for desserts. You use this near-medicinal wonder for your warm lemon teas and your ayurvedic anti-flu concoctions. Try this. Mix a teaspoon of each powder – turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon and dry ginger and then add a tablespoon of Arataki Manuka Honey 20+. Make a paste and enjoy licking it off the spoon. When you’ve finished, drink a small glass of warm water!  It’s a proven flu-fighting remedy which rises to perfection with the right manuka honey.   

Arataki honey jars come with a tracking number on their labels and a call to the visitor centre will ensure you have the right information enabling you to get your very own Arataki Honey jar…the first of what may well be the start of your collection of nature’s purest—Arataki honey.   

Enjoy this natural antibacterial, antimicrobial power food from the caring hands of a family dedicated to bringing you nature’s goodness with the honesty and integrity you deserve.

For more information, please visit: www.aratakihoney.co.nzwww.aratakihoney.co.nz/pages/visitor-centre