Brokers that appreciate the value of referral business know the importance of acting in the buyer’s best interest. MISS TAN explains why.

“Company culture is more important to the partners. Our company has rigorous management for compliance and good service for customers.” – Miss Tan Yu Mei, Deputy General Manager, Gravity Capital Management Ltd.

Gravity Capital Management Ltd operates as a professional insurance broker in Hong Kong, since it was established on June 1, 2006. A keen competitor, its Deputy General Manager Miss Tan Yu Mei takes the market very seriously.

“Nowadays, we have professional insurance knowledge and sales experience spanning nearly 14 years. We focus on medical insurance, serious illness insurance and endowment insurance since 2017, and we have close cooperation with 18 insurance companies such as AIA, Prudential, Manulife, China Life, AXA and so on. They lend us their good reputation and knowledge about sales, service, management and compliance,” says Tan, about her alliances with Hong Kong’s leading insurers.

“Our customers have great trust in our company having sold around 4000 insurance policies from 2017 to today. In the past, we once set the first sales record of ‘serious illness insurance’ in AIA insurance company in 2018.” 

“Most important is the HIGH-QUALITY service that makes us different from competitors. OUR CUSTOMERS come from ALL OVR THE WORLD.”

China Markets

Tan says that Hong Kong insurance products are growing more attractive to mainland customers and is likely to become a rigid demand in the future. She believes an attractive industry environment will affect the way her customers choose service providers.

“Firstly, data shows that the number of mainland customers insured has been growing in recent years, and the growth rate is worthy of attention in Hong Kong.

Second, the regulation of insurance in Hong Kong has always been a model for the regulation of the insurance industry. Hong Kong’s insurance regulation adopts a combination of self-discipline and other laws to maintain a good environment for the development of the industry.

“Third, company culture is more important to the partners. Our company has rigorous management for compliance and good service for customers.”

“We hope that OUR CLIENTS can get CONFIDENCE from our brokerage and our PROFESSIONAL service.”

Keen Competition

Nowadays, says Tan, the competition of brokerage companies is very fierce.

She says: “Most important is the high-quality service that makes us different from competitors. Our customers come from all over the world. But there are more mainland customers. So, we will provide colleagues who can speak mandarin to receive customers. Therefore, customers will get a sense of friendliness and professionalism from our company.”

She adds: “At the same time, our core business is sales and we have tailored sales management skills, professional trainers and training management development. Our company always provides different professional asset allocation plans to clients, and the customers could choose best one of the different plans to buy. In our company, customers will have more and better asset allocation plan choices.”

“Soon we will provide more professional post service to our customers. We will help our customers to keep their policies up to date so they don’t need to worry that their policies will lapse. Moreover, we will keep in contact and provide the plan’s annual report to customers through mail, email and telephone connection. We hope that our clients can get confidence from our brokerage and our professional service,” she concludes.

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