In the competitive fight for the “Guest Dollar” the smarter side of the global hospitality industry is drawing on the rewards-rich, tech-based innovative offerings of MVI SYSTEMS LTD.

Anke Gill, Managing Director, MVI Systems Ltd.

With the growing number of hotel rooms worldwide, the battle for larger share of the global-traveller market is at fever pitch. Hotels must either provide more value, convenience and innovation or risk losing business. The mainstay though remains – the technology revolution. Given that most live online nowadays and engage mostly via clips/taps etc. smart hotels are finding they must invest sooner, rather than later.

Spotting the opportunity, MVI Systems Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 2010 by four veterans of the Telco-IPTV industry to provide IPTV-based entertainment systems to hotels.

“In 10 years we grew from 1 hotel in Singapore to close to 200 hotels and 80,000 rooms across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East – and this year we will enter Europe. MVI has deployed its systems to hotels with a room count of as little as 9 rooms, to the biggest hotels on this planet today, such as the Sheraton Macau with close to 4,000 rooms, and the Venetian Macau, which has 3,000 rooms and 6,000 TV points,” says Anke Gill, Managing Director of the company.

“MVI has a strong track record in product innovation and can claim a number of industry-firsts, such as cloud-based guest streaming that enables guests to hassle-free stream their favourite TV shows from their smart phones to the in-room TV. This, combined with our network of in-country channel partners – such as StarHub, SkyCable, Huacomm, VDA, Matchmaster, KT and many others – enables us to offer hotels a superior product with strong on-the-ground support. Here in Hong Kong we partner with IBM, NEC, Exclusive Networks, HKBN and PCCW with whom we have delivered hotel projects including the Four Seasons Hong Kong, The SilveriHong Kong – MGallery, Island Shangri-La, The Upper House, The Langham Hotel, The Murray and the flagship Rosewood Hong Kong.”

And while MVI is now well represented in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, this year will see MVI deployed for the first time in Europe with local partner VDA Group out of Italy.

“We understand that every hotel is unique and there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Each-and-every one of our deployments is unique and tailored to our customers’ specific requirements.”

Anke Gill, Managing Director, MVI Systems Ltd.

Profitable Difference

“One of the key aspects that makes MVI attractive for our in-country partners and hotel customers alike is the fact that we are here in Asia and can provide support both on the ground and remotely within time zone. For our expansion in Europe, we are partnering with a strategic partner who is fully trained to provide the same level of quality support there as well.

“Another key differentiator is customisation. We understand that every hotel is unique and there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Each-and-every one of our deployments is unique and tailored to our customers’ specific requirements – an important aspect in the fiercely competitive hospitality industry.”

Also, MVI has solutions for even the most challenging physical environments. For example, there are still many hotels that use outdated COAX cabling and find it challenging to cost effectively re-cable their property, particularly if they have high occupancy. MVI’s IPTV for COAX solution for the first time offers these hotels an affordable way to extend IPTV to their guests without having to re-cable their properties.

Beyond Challenges!

Gill says that one of the challenges hotels face is that they have to cater for a very wide demographic ranging from 8 to 80 years old, that have very different wants and needs. This means that the hotel industry tends to be comparatively conservative, particularly in the technology space – guest facing as well as at the back office. But at the same time, hotels know they have to stay abreast of the technology habits of their guests and expect from MVI to innovate the guest infotainment space, whether this will be adopted now or in a few years’ time.

“The pandemic has certainly accelerated the adoption of technology in general and the hospitality industry is no exception. For example, our Smart Remote Control, which we launched some years ago, has been exceptionally popular since the onset of COVID as it allows guests to navigate the TV without having to pick up the in-room TV remote,” explains Gill.

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