Luxury Princess Ltd was founded in 2017. Perfectly located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Luxury Princess Ltd is dedicated to provide the best customer experiences to their customers in a fashionable environment with gracious services.

Luxury Princess Ltd provides different services to their customers, including:

1. Selling authentic luxury goods in both pre-owned and brand-new conditions.

Luxury Princess Ltd offers luxury goods at a lower price comparing to the market price. Customers can browse their social media platform or visit their store in person to check out the products they offer. Customers can also choose to order through the online platform, and they will ship the products directly to your apartment.

They also offer worldwide shipping, and that’s why they also have a lot of over seas customers. They ship worldwide to Australia, Europe, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and more. They usually do EMS / DHL / FedEx / SF, just as which way the buyer wish to.

2. Product consignment service

The company’s “product consignment services” allows their customers to promote their pre-owned luxury goods to both local and overseas buyers. The pre-owned luxury goods will be displayed in their physical store and promoted through online media platforms. It is a convenient way to sell the pre-owned luxury goods and being environmentally friendly.

3. Leather goods reconditioning service

Luxury Princess Ltd provides leather goods and metal reconditioning service to all customers. They understand that sometimes, their customers think of reconditioning rather than a replacement of the leather goods. That’s why they offer the above service. Their team would love to help repairing the leather and metal goods, and they will provide a professional explanation of how they will repair your goods.

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