Celebrating 35 Years of serving the region’s financial planning needs is Venhouse Financial Group. We spoke to Mr. Samuel Leung, CEO of the company, who shares why Venhouse’s “integrity-first” approach has been winning friends and thriving over adversity.

Mr. Samuel Leung, CEO of Venhouse Financial Group.

Established in 1987, Venhouse Financial Group has grown from strength to strength in becoming a leading financial planning consultant that provides professional insurance and investment solutions to its clients. The company is led by its pragmatic CEO, Mr. Samuel Leung, and has grown to have more than 100 professional financial planners since its inception.

The full suite of services from Venhouse Financial Group has evolved over the years to include the following, in order to meet their clients’ needs today:

  • Venhouse Financial Planning Ltd., a provider of financial planning consulting services and solutions to customers.
  • Venhouse Wealth Management Ltd., a registered investment advisor with the Securities and Futures Commission, providing clients with investment advice for investment-linked assurance schemes.
  • Venhouse Immigration Consultancy Ltd., a specialist in providing immigration solutions and other consulting services, including accounting, legal services, etc.
  • ENKA Overseas Property Development Ltd., a developer of overseas real estate projects.

“Delivering professionalism and ensuring integrity has been our mission from day one,” says Mr. Leung. “These have always been the cornerstone of our operations which is why many of our customers today have been with us since we started 35 years ago,” he adds.

One-Stop Solutions

“The global pandemic has changed the needs of our customers in recent years so offering a one-stop-shop, on top of having a name that is trusted for our integrity, gives us a competitive advantage,” says Mr. Leung.

“Venhouse responded quickly to this crisis since it started. To our clients, we have been providing a range of anti-epidemic articles. For our financial planners and staff, we have strengthening the use of our intranet, named “e-Platforms” to handle business and customer services, as well as communication with back-up staff. We also launched our Business Management Platform to help our financial advisors manage customer information, policy information and their business reports online,” he continues.

According to Mr. Leung, Venhouse’s clients have been shifting their financial products/investments priorities in light of the global pandemic’s impact on business and life today. Some of the products customers prefer now include Critical Illness Insurance, Savings Plan, Investment-Linked Assurance Scheme (with optional Dividend Fund). Venhouse provides a great variety of products and strengthens its cooperation with banks to provide competitive financing rates for customers who purchase insurance products with premium financing.

“A strong business platform for our potential business partners in our rapidly expanding business network of financial planning is key to our future growth.” says Mr. Samuel Leung

The Path Ahead

“A strong business platform for our potential business partners in our rapidly expanding business network of financial planning is key to our future growth. On top of constantly improving our Business Management Platform, Venhouse remains steadfast in our ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’ approach when servicing our customers because, at the end of the day, integrity and high quality of personalized services can thrive over any kind of adversity. After all, our company name “VENHOUSE” represents a professional institution (House) serves our clients with (V) variety of products, (E) enthusiasm and (N) neutrality,” concludes Mr. Leung.

The Mediazone Group congratulates Venhouse Financial Group on its 35th anniversary milestone this year, and for winning the 2022 Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Awards. We wish the company more success in its future endeavour.

For more information visit https://www.venhouse.com/index.php