Established in 2003, Wowwowtank is a leading hybrid advertising agency focused on serving the property sector. The company is well known for creating unique branding and advertising experiences through its one-stop services which ranging from creative concepts to print, video production, and more.

“Delivering innovative ideas that result in tangible ROI has always been our emphasis,” says Tan Khiang (TK), Director of Wowwowtank.

“To date we have launched and have been involved in delivering creative solutions to more than 100 property projects through our highly experienced team of writers, art directors, video directors, editors, photographers and account servicing personnel,” he continues.

Over the years the company has also been expanding its portfolio in the FMCG sector. “Being in the creative industry, it is important to be constantly evolving to stay relevant. In the age of instantaneous entertainment and rewards, where the source of information is at the palm of your hands; speed, ideas, trust, budget and creativity are key,” explains TK

“The pandemic has made every industry more competitive. Today’s customers need fast but qualitative service and being a hybrid agency, this is exactly what we deliver as our operation’s style is geared towards shortening the workflow, processing and completion time of projects,” concludes TK

The Mediazone Group congratulates Wowwowtank for winning the 2022 Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Award. We wish the company success in its growth and endeavour.

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